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Page last updated at 11:04 GMT, Wednesday, 4 November 2009
Brew for Borneo Trip
A proboscis moneky cradles its young
The team are hoping to become involved with conservation projects in Borneo

A team of local research students have formed a special group that will be travelling to Borneo to conduct research in 2010.

The group is a mixture of students from Exeter and Falmouth University.

To help raise funds for the expensive trip the students have teamed up with a local brewery.

As part of the partnership they have produced a limited addition beer named 'Borneo Brew'.

The group of students have formed a society for the trip and are naming it FX-2010.

During 2010 the small group made from students of different disciplines from Falmouth and Exeter university will travel to the unexplored and mountainous heart of the Borneo rainforest, to "Discover, educate, and to inspire".

About the team

So far the team have 5 members making the trip, they are:

Wagler's Pit Viper
Borneo is the third largest island in the world
The island is home to over 500,000 indigenous people
361 animal and plant species have been discovered in Borneo since 1996
Borneo is also known for its extensive cave systems

• Martin Holland - Expedition Leader

• Tim van Berkel - Chief Scientist

• Ian Blessey - Base Camp Manager

• Dan Sargison- Base Camp Assistant

• Caroline Warwick Evans - Community Education and Renewables Project Coordinator

The group have a further 6 spaces to fill. The team are recruiting science and media team members with spaces for camera, editing, photography and audio work.

At least 3 of those places are reserved for Freshers and Second Year students. You can contact the FX-2010 team about places by clicking here

The trip is obviously going to be costly so to help raise money for the expedition the students teamed up with local brewery Skinners. They have produced a new limited edition beer named 'Borneo Brew'.

Expedition objectives

The team is hoping to establish a partnership between UK and Bornean universities and the research centre allowing them to become involved with conservation projects in the Bornean ecosystem, as well as gaining some unique work experience.

An Orangutan
Students will travel to the unexplored heart of the Borneo rainforest

The expedition will be a voyage of discovery also, the team will attempt to the first to document the inhabitants of mountains in the Julai/Kapuas watershed.

They will also try to discover the boundary between two gibbon species, a first for science.

Throughout the trip the team will be making multimedia content that will be uploaded from the jungle to the expedition website.

Using the site the team will be able to update children, students, and politicians from around the world in a: "virtual learning environment, where anyone can take part in our interactive expedition."

"Through this we hope to educate and inspire current policy makers and the next generation to protect the rainforests into the future."

The expedition crew will have a team working at Project Barito Ulu to provide a renewable energy source for a local village, and train residents in the production and online distribution of multimedia, so that the people who live in and depend on the forest for their survival can have a modern voice in the modern world.

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