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Page last updated at 16:16 GMT, Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Introducing: Three Daft Monkeys
Three Daft Monkeys
3 Daft Monkeys came into BBC Cornwall to record an interview and acoustic session for BBC Introducing

After a busy year on the road and nearly a decade together, 3 Daft Monkeys visited BBC Cornwall for an Introducing session.

The band played live ahead of a few local appearances before taking a well-earned break.

3 Daft Monkeys are: Tim Ashton - vocals, guitar, whistle and foot drum; Athene Roberts - fiddle, vocals; and Jamie Waters - bass guitar.

In the past the band have toured with many musical legends.

These include support shows with The Levellers, Show of Hands, Oysterband and Hawkwind. In addition to this, they frequent the Avalon and Glade stages at world-famous Glastonbury Festival.

Three Daft Monkeys

Eighteen months after releasing their well-praised album, Social Vertigo, 2009 has been a very busy year for the trio who, in total, have had more than 40 festival appearances, as well as a string of headline tour dates.

Despite a busy year on the touring circuit, the band have managed to write some new material which was created after a week spent locked away on a boat of all places.

Reflecting on this time, Athene said: "To be on the water it just meant we couldn't escape. We'd be there the whole time writing and we really got into it, and just really enjoyed ourselves."

Listening to the Monkeys, it's difficult to compare their sound to that of any other band which adds to their uniqueness.

Through their work on guitar, bass and foot drum, Tim and Jamie achieve beats that make foot-tapping irresistible and, with the advent of Athene's fiddle, it's difficult to ignore such jaunty tunes.

These factors, coupled with capturing lyrics, result in a funky folk sound that commands enjoyment.

In between gigging and writing new material, the band are looking for a new studio to record in to keep the production mood fresh.

"It would be so nice to do it in Cornwall as the team we use - everyone that comes out on the road with us - is from Cornwall, and it would be so nice not to travel around the country," Athene said.

Three Daft Monkeys in action
You've just got such a knack for writing catchy melodies
David White - BBC Introducing

Adding to the band's quirky persona is that fact they produce and market all their own material to avoid the constraints of a label.

The band has also embraced social networking as well. Each day Athene posts a blog on Twitter of what the band has been up to.

After the frantic gigging of the past year, the band are taking a well-deserved Christmas break off and hope to begin work on the new album in the spring of 2010.

They will also play a few gigs to sample and roadtest the new material, as Tim explains: "When you're writing, it's nice to play it to an audience and play it live.

"It gives you a better feel of how it's all going, how it's being taken on board and if people like it. We want to be gigging the new stuff before we record it."

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