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Scilly shipwrecks

Investigating shipwrecks of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are famous for their golden beaches and unspoilt beauty but they are also known and feared by sailors.

Over the centuries many vessels have foundered on rocks around the islands, 900 in all.

Consequently the Islands have one of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks in the UK.

Busy fishing channels, poor visibility and covered rocks at high tide make for treacherous territory when trying to navigate fishing vessels.

These disasters are still taking place to the present day.

On 26 March 1997 MV Cita a German cargo ship ran aground on St Mary's.

One of the best preserved wrecks in the country, HMS Colossus, can be found off Scilly.

The 74-gun Royal Navy ship sighted the Islands during bad weather in the winter of 1798 and came to anchor in St Marys Roads.

For three days she intended to ride out the storm only for it to increase.

On the night of 10 December an anchor cable parted and the ship ran aground off Samson Island.

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