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The Romans in Cornwall

Roman Fort discovered in Mid Cornwall - watch our film

An amateur archaeologist has helped identify a site in mid-Cornwall as a Roman fort.

Experts say the discovery is hugely significant and changes long held views about the Romans time in the South West.

Cornwall's Jonathan Clemes has made many significant discoveries over the years.

In the past he's found the oldest coin in Britain and a long lost holy well.

A Roman coin discovered on the site
Jonathan Clemes has found a Roman fort near St Austell

Jonathan's latest discovery is in mid Cornwall. He has found pottery and coins and remains from an iron works nearby.

Jonathan's discoveries proves that there was a Roman fort in Cornwall. Previously it had been thought that the Roman settlements didn't extend much beyond Exeter.

Jonathan says: "You would have had these massive towers in each corner with the earth defences surrounding it.

"There would have been a huge sharp pieces of wood, like a big fence going right around.

"People would have looked from a distance and say 'We won't mess with them'."

Experts say this is a crucial discovery as it will allow historians to learn a lot about Roman occupation in the South West.

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