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Learning from Evil: Pat's Story
Major Frank Foley
Major Frank Foley saved the lives of many thousands of people

Millions of people lost their lives during the Second World War, but many more would have perished at the hands of the Nazis had it not been for the bravery of one man.

Major Frank Foley is credited with saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews when he worked as a passport officer and double agent in Berlin.

His great-neice, Pat Dunstan, lives in Helston and recently received a Hero of the Holocaust medal from the British government.

Pat Dunstan holding an award for her Great Uncle

This recognition was just one of a number of posthumous awards in honour of his bravery.

As part of BBC Radio Cornwall's Learning from Evil season Donna Birrell spoke to Pat Dunstan about Major Frank Foley. Click on the audio link to hear the interview.

Major Frank Foley was an MI6 agent who used his cover as a passport control officer at the British Embassy in Berlin during the 1930s to provide the necessary papers for Jewish people to leave Nazi Germany for sanctuary.

Pat Dunstan says: "He sent them everywhere, a lot of them to England but also Canada, America. He made up stories for them to keep them safe. He was hiding different people in his flat. His wife did so much as well.

"We're just so proud and to think that the things that he did are living on in other families around the world."

A deeply religious Catholic who frequently risked his own life by venturing into concentration camps to help free Jewish internees, he also assisted them to obtain forged passports and even hid them in his own home until they were able to leave Germany.

Pat says: "He was very much like my Grandfather. He wasn't very tall. He wasn't like a Bond character at all. It's lovely that he is remembered and makes us so proud."

His selfless bravery saved tens of thousands, of Jewish people - many of who remained in ignorance of their unassuming benefactor's identity.

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