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Page last updated at 12:31 GMT, Thursday, 18 February 2010
Mysterious shipwreck appears in Padstow
Padstow shipwreck
The wreckage is believed to be that of a ship that sunk in 1895 called the Antoinette

Harbour authorities at Padstow are wondering what to do about a mysterious shipwreck which has appeared in the middle of the River Camel estuary.

They think it could be the remains of a cargo vessel which sank more than 100 years ago - but now the shifting sands have turned it into a serious navigation hazard.

Some people in Padstow believe it's the remains of the Triumph, a fishing boat which sunk in 1912.

Others think it's the Antoinette.

The latter sank on its way to Brazil, loaded up with more than 800 tonnes of coal. It's believed to be the largest shipwreck in Padstow's Doom Bar.

Shipwreck Gallery

See photos of the shipwreck commissioned by Padstow Harbourmaster and taken by local resident Peter Ward:

Until recently it was thought that the vessel had been blown up, more than 100 years ago to ensure it wasn't a danger to navigation. As a result of the explosion sand and smoke could be seen for miles around.

However shifting sands revealed the remains of a ship which is possibly the Antoinette in February 2010.

Just as it did over 100 years ago, the mystery vessel has thrown up safety concerns in the stretch of water.

Padstow shipwreck
The remains started to slowly appear last year

Harbourmaster Rob Atkinson says: "It looks like a wooden vessel and we seem to think its the wreckage of the Antoinette from 1895.

"We now need to do something about it. Whether it's marking with bouys or removing it. I think removing it is the preferred option as it is a danger to navigation now.

"I'd encourage people to stay away from the wreckage. It's not easily accessible out in the middle of the estuary. The sand around there is very soft and likely to give way underfoot and the tides change very quickly."

If the shipwreck has to be removed it's though the Harbour Commissioners will have to foot the bill.

Rob Atkinson says: "We would usually charge such a bill to the owner of the ship, but that would prove difficult now!"

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