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Page last updated at 15:21 GMT, Monday, 26 October 2009
War-time evacuation for children
Devoran School children
Three million British school children said goodbye to their families

Pupils from a Cornish primary school have experienced what war-time evacuation might have been like as part of their lessons.

Year 3 and 4 children from Devoran Primary School dressed up like evacuees and boarded the train from Perranwell station to Falmouth Docks.

Teachers and family members also dressed in costume.

After their train journey they took part in a workshop on the World War II at Pendennis Castle.

BBC Cornwall reporter Johnny O'Shea was at the train station at Perranwell near Truro, joined on the platform joined by both teachers and children to find out about the excursion.

Take a look at a gallery of photos documenting Devoran school children before they embark on their train journey from Perranwell station to Falmouth.

Devoran school children boarding the train

It is 70 years ago since the war time evacuations when three million British school children from towns and cities said goodbye to their families and boarded trains to far flung parts of the country.

Their destinations were places of greater safety and the children would often not return to their homes and families for many years.

Year 3 and 4 classes at Devoran Primary School have been learning about war-time children moving and the human aspect of the World War II in their lessons this year.

The school then decided to take it one stage further, and actually give them a real experience of what it might have been like.

The little youngsters were waved off by their tearful parents at the train Station - but those mothers and fathers at least knew their little ones were as safe as houses.

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