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Page last updated at 05:58 GMT, Friday, 6 August 2010 06:58 UK
Cornwall's Guitar Man
A few of Guy's guitars
Guy has 120 guitars in his collection from all over the world

Guy Mackenzie has always been fascinated by guitars.

The west Cornwall drummer played in bands in the '60s, which was when his love of guitars started.

Now in 2010 he has built up an impressive collection of guitars, many have interesting stories behind them.

Some have been linked to famous songs like Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime, Showaddywaddy's Blue Moon and believe it or not, Black Lace's party song Agadoo!

Showaddywaddy's Blue Moon guitar

Guy Mackenzie's latest addition to his collection is a 30 year old guitar which featured on Top of The Pops.

"Showaddywaddy commissioned a guitar for the release of their Blue Moon single. Brian Eastwood built it. He was given three weeks to complete the guitar.

"But the record charted early, so he had to finish it in 72 hours.

"It arrived in the Top of the Pops studio with the paint still drying."

Click on the audio link to hear more about the guitar.

Guy had wanted this particular instrument for many years. It had been in the hands of any collector for 25 years.

Once the private owner decided to sell it Guy made him a four figure offer, and now the musical piece of history has pride of place with more than 100 other guitars in Guy's collection.

Click here to watch Showaddywaddy's appearance on ToTP with the famous guitar!

This may be Guy's latest find, but the west Cornwall collector has an impressive array of guitars in his possession. Many have interesting stories.

BBC Cornwall's Matt Shepherd went along to look around Guy's collection.

Guy Mackenzie

Click on the audio link to hear about some of the many guitars and hear them being played by BBC New Online's guitar fan Andrew Segal.

One of his guitars is reputed to have been owned by Thin Lizzy front man Phil Lynott.

Another guitar was used in the production of Mungo Jerry's number one hit In the Summertime.

And one of the more obscure items was a guitar once owned by Keith West who scored a huge one hit wonder with Excerpt From A Teenage Opera, better known to many as Grocer Jack.

Guy even has a guitar in the shape of a machine gun.

Despite owning so many rare instruments, there is one slight problem. Guy is a drummer, he's never learned to play the guitar!

He says: "I know so many great guitarists that I prefer to let them play my guitars, as I could never learn to play them as well."

Guy continues to add to his already huge guitar collection, owning several old bass guitars, and some novelty ones as well. He owns a guitar released to promote the Travelling Wilburys, and an instrument which is shaped like a machine gun.


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