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Page last updated at 12:53 GMT, Friday, 23 April 2010 13:53 UK
Brenda Wootton Paris concert unearthed

Watch our BBC Spotlight film about the discovery of the concert tapes. Reporter: Matt Pengelly

A concert by Brenda Wootton in Paris during the summer of 1984 has been unearthed here in Cornwall.

The late BBC Radio Cornwall presenter was a well loved star throughout France especially in Brittany.

Brenda would introduce her popular songs in French for the appreciative crowd.

The recently discovered tapes from the original concert have been cleaned up and will hopefully be released on CD in the near future.

Recently discovered tapes of Brenda Wootton
The tapes had been in boxes for many years

John Knight worked as a sound engineer on many of Brenda's recordings. When he was packing up a recording studio he'd run for years, John took with him several boxes of tapes. Some of those featured songs by Brenda Wootton including the never before released recordings from Paris in 1984.

Although the concert was recorded it wasn't for a new album at that time.

John says: "Brenda wanted to have a personal record of the concert. She never released a live album. I don't think it was intended for release. But now I think we have the potential there."

John Knight hopes that in the near future the rare recordings will be released as an album.

"Ideally we would love to release it on cd with some of the stories from the tour. There's 25 tracks in total. We can also produce them as downloads as well."

Although a date for an album has not been set as yet. Fans of Brenda Wotton can hear sneak previews of some of the songs online.

Gloria Knight, who was a friend of Brenda's runs a website called livingincornwall.com. With John's help a taster of the concert is now available on her website.

Gloria says: "The songs have been online for a couple of weeks and already I have seen very good web traffic from all over the world. We know that people are loving the songs so far. There's snippets of six songs online."

For many years Brenda was a well known voice on BBC Radio Cornwall, presenting 'Sunday Best' a weekly request programme. She was also the Honorary President of Radio Beacon, the hospital radio service for St Lawrences Hospital in Bodmin.

Click here to listen to snippets from the recently discovered concert.

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