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Page last updated at 09:41 GMT, Monday, 1 March 2010
Pirates of the Caribbean filming in St Ives
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow in the films, and has been signed up for the latest installment, but will he come to Cornwall...

Calm down ladies. According to The Sun newspaper on Monday 1 March, the new Pirates of the Caribbean film will be made in St Ives.

The west Cornwall town has been chosen by the producers at the same time that south east Cornwall hits the silver screen in Alice in Wonderland.

Both films star Johnny Depp. The heart throb didn't film in Cornwall in the Alice production, but he could well be in the county later this year according to the national newspaper.

Shooting for the film is believed to be starting later this year. The working title for the production is On Stranger Tides.

Cornwall in the movies

Cornwall's spectacular landscape has been used on numerous occasions on both the small and silver screens.

Charlestown Harbour is probably the most popular of all Cornish locations.

Records show the St Austell village was first used way back in 1929 in a silent movie called Street of Abandoned Children and has appeared in many films and television shows ever since.

The Beatles
The Beatles came to Newquay in 1967 to film Magical Mystery Tour

Contrary to its title The Manxman was mainly filmed in north Cornwall at the end of the '20s.

Falmouth Docks featured in the film Scott of the Antarctic in 1948.

Disney recently filmed in Cornwall for Alice in Wonderland. However it first used Cornwall more than 60 years ago. The Carrick Roads, River Fal, Helford River and Gull Rock all featured in Disney's 1949 production of Treasure Island.

Who can forget the Beatles coming to Newquay in 1967 to film scenes for Magical Mystery Tour.

The clay pits of St Austell featured on the small screen when the cult series Blakes Seven shot scenes there. They were also used again in the mid '70s in Doctor Who.

The Onedin Line and of course the timeless Poldark were all filmed using Cornwall as the beautiful backdrop.

More recently The Camomile Lawn, Wycliffe, Jonathan Creek, Amy Foster and Wild West have been filmed in Cornwall.

The news of the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean will bring plenty of excitement to the west Cornwall town, along with the hope that leading star Johnny Depp will be appearing in St Ives.

He is the star of Alice in Wonderland which was partly filmed at both Antony House and Charlestown, however Depp didn't film scenes in the county.

It's hoped that Johnny Depp will bring his character Capt Jack Sparrow to do battle on the Cornish waves.

Lights, Camera, Extras

Many local people appeared as extras in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland which hits the cinema in March. The news that Pirates of the Caribbean will be filmed in St Ives will possibly throw up further opportunities for those wanting a taste of the limelight.

Have you ever been an extra in a film or television show? Maybe you're a regular villager in Doc Martin in east Cornwall? We'd love to hear your stories and see your photos on the set and with the stars.

You can email your stories and photos at any time by clicking here

Alice in Wonderland
25 Feb 10 |  Arts & Culture


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