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Get in touch with BBC Cornwall

Some of the BBC Radio Cornwall team
Some of the BBC Radio Cornwall team

At BBC Cornwall we do our best to cover all the stories and issues we can, but we'd love to hear from you if you think there's anything interesting and important we should know about.


Email us your stories, pictures and videos to radio.cornwall@bbc.co.uk or the webteam on cornwall@bbc.co.uk


For full details of BBC Cornwall on Facebook, including individual programmes and presenters. BBC Cornwall on Facebook


For full details of BBC Cornwall on Twitter, including programmes, online, travel, weather and sport: BBC Cornwall on Twitter


Text us on 81333 - write Cornwall and then add your message. You will be charged at your standard message rate.


To contact us for stories about Cornwall only (for general BBC enquiries call 03700 100 222):

  • Main switchboard: 01872 275421

  • On-air call a show: 01872 222222
  • Travel desk: 0845 300 2829
  • Text number: 81333 and start your message with "Cornwall". You will be charged at your standard message rate.


Do you have a Cornwall news story? Our News Interactive South West team would love to hear from you Plymouth News Online

For features and events taking place in Cornwall contact the webteam on Cornwall Online


If your story is for the regional television news programme Spotlight, please send your e-mail to Spotlight News or telephone: 01752 229 201 Text: 07786 209 010

You can also contact us by post: BBC News Interactive South West, Broadcasting House, Seymour Road, Plymouth, PL3 5BD.


BBC Cornwall
Phoenix Wharf

BBC Radio Cornwall: Meet the team
16 Oct 09 |  TV & Radio


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