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Mill Road's multicultural melting-pot
Abdul Arain, the manager of the Al-Amin Deli, and his multi-lingual staff
Abdul Arain, the manager of the Al-Amin Deli, and his multi-lingual staff

With over 85 different languages spoken in one community, Mill Road must be one of Cambridge's most culturally-diverse areas.

Abdul Arain runs a delicatessen on the street and described Mill Road as "the melting-pot of the world".

"The spices that the different cultures bring in makes this particular melting-pot very, very unique," he said.

On 4 December, residents will come together for a Winter Fair to celebrate their community and its diversity.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire reporter Dotty McLeod went to meet some of Mill Road's residents as they prepared for this year's fair.

She spoke to staff from the many shops, restaurants and cafes dotted along the length of the street and asked them to speak to her in their own languages.

You can listen to the many voices of Mill Road by clicking on this audio attachment.

'Sense of belonging'

Suzy Oakes lives on Mill Road and has been on the Winter Fair's organising committee since the first event in 2005.

She said: "In the vicinity of this street in a small city in the East of England, people of some 100 different origins live and work together.

Mill Road Winter Fair 2009
Mill Road Winter Fair attracts visitors from across Cambridgeshire

"Because Cambridge is too small to support individual ethnic quarters we are all mixed in together. We like it and it works.

"We are all bound by a sense of belonging, a real feeling of being at home, wherever we first came from."

To encourage more people to get involved in the fair and other community events, the Winter Fair website was launched this year in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Welsh.

Versions in Chinese, Gujarati and Hindi are due to follow soon.

Mill Road Winter Fair

This year's fair takes place on Saturday 4 December on Mill Road, from 10.30pm to 5pm.

The road will be closed for the duration of the fair from Tenison Road over the bridge to Coleridge Road.

For the full line-up of events taking place visit the Mill Road Winter Fair 2010 website.

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