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Increasing number of stray dogs reported by owners
Dog in kennels
The Dog's Trust report an 11% rise in stray dogs in 2009.

An increasing number of Cambridgeshire dog owners are claiming their pets are strays, to get local authorities to look after them.

Sam Dewing, the Cambridge dog warden, believes up to 25% of the city's strays have been reported by their owner.

East Cambridgeshire's dog warden agrees, and says she can tell when an animal is in its own home.

The number of strays in the UK has gone up by 11% in the past year, says a report by The Dog's Trust.

The Trust also claims that of 107,288 stray dogs, local authorities put down 9,000.

The increase is the largest since the charity began recording the numbers in 1997.

Strays or pets?

Dog wardens for East Cambridgeshire, Cambridge City and Huntingdonshire councils say they have been called to more strays which they believe belong to their "finders".

Dog in Kennels
Most Cambridgeshire strays are taken to the Wood Green Animal Shelter.

Veronica Avory, dog warden for East Cambridgeshire District Council, says she goes to collect strays but can always tell when a dog is really at home.

The dog warden for Cambridge City Council, Sam Dewing, says she would rather take the dogs in these suspicious circumstances rather than leave them with owners who do not want them.

Sam puts the rise in strays down to the recession and a "chuck away culture".

Steph Harlock is the dog warden at Huntingdonshire District Council and also suspected some people were lying about their pets.

Of those cases Steph thinks half are owners who want their animal but cannot afford to care for them.

Any dog found wandering in a public place alone can be seized by the council and taken to kennels. Owners have a week to claim their pet before it is signed over to kennels.

Most stray animals in Cambridgeshire are are taken to Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester. They took in over 400 dogs and puppies in 2009/2010.

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