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Halloween: Coloured pumpkins premiere in our patch
Red pumpkin
Red, white and grey pumpkins join the traditional orange varieties this year

The traditional orange pumpkin could soon be history as a Cambridgeshire farm takes diversification to colourful new lengths.

Oakley Farms' sales manager Steve Whitworth said: "The different colours are grown for both their taste and visual effect.

"We can show the public that there are other varieties out there."

Oakley Farms in Wisbech is supplying Tesco with red, white and grey pumpkins for Halloween.

The British pumpkin season is short, lasting from mid-September until mid-November, but on its 500-acre pumpkin field, the farm expects to harvest 2.5 million pumpkins this year.

'Try them'

Halloween is now the third most popular seasonal event in this country after Christmas and Easter.

Although coloured pumpkin varieties are common in North America, they are rarely seen in this country.

"It's a case of looking at what the next range of products is going to be," continued Steve.

"And for people who actually eat pumpkins, we say 'try them and see how you get on with them'."

The farm is confident that people will enjoy the different flavours of the coloured pumpkins. They are all old, traditional varieties that the farm has chosen to re-introduce to the market.

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