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Foal twins a one in 10,000 chance
Sofie, Vinnie and Fell
Mare Sofie was called Nightmare in her show jumping days

If it wasn't impressive enough being born from a supposedly barren mare, a pair of twin foals have beaten the odds by surviving their ordeal.

The minor miracle, which happened in October, saw not only both foals survive, but the mother as well.

Babies Vinnie and Fell were born from 13-year-old mare Sofie in Littleport.

Their owner, Yvonne Bartram, told BBC Cambridgeshire: "The odds of that happening are about 10,000 to one of both twins and the mare surviving."

Yvonne runs Elysian Horses which is based very close the tyre fire which burned for over six weeks in Littleport.

Because of the fire Sofie, a retired international show jumper, was temporarily at a another location when she had the foals.

"Very wonky"

Yvonne had never expected the pregnancy because she was told it was medically impossible.

"The mare had been declared barren by the vet," she said. "In other words she was unlikely to ever conceive and the fact that she's had twins is a double surprise.

"You'll never see anything like this again in your lifetime."

The unbelievable act has come at a small cost though. Fell, who is believed to have been conceived a week later than Vinnie, has an irregularity in his legs, making him a little bit wobbly.

Yvonne explains: "Very sadly, because they were squashed up in the womb, the bones in his legs weren't properly formed so when he was born they were very wonky.

"The vet's urged me to have him put down but we're not going to do that, he's too special. I'm trying to raise funds for some special corrective boots to get them straight but they're about £900 each.

"If the boots work on Fell I'll donate them to Newmarket Equine Hospital so they can benefit another foal."

Yvonne has already received the boots and the Irish company that produce them have said she can pay for them when she has raised the funds. The boots are a bit big for Fell but should fit in a couple of weeks.

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