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As it happened: Bristol Election 2010


Bristol: how red turned to blue

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By Kate Wakefield

1702: I think that's it from me at the moment, so I'm going to grab the window of opportunity and go for that bar of chocolate...

Avonmouth: Doug Naysmith (Labour gain)
Bedminster: Mark Bradshaw (Labour hold)
Bishopston: David John Willingham (Lib Dem hold)
Bishopsworth: Kevin Michael Quartley (Conservative hold)
Brislington East: Mike Wollacott (Labour gain)
Brislington West: Peter Henry Main (Lib Dem hold)
Filwood: Christopher David Jackson (Labour hold)
Hartcliffe: Derek Stephen Pickup (Labour hold)
Henbury: Mark David Roscoe Weston (Conservative hold)
Hengrove: Sylvia Doubell (Lib Dem hold)
Henleaze: Clare Campion-Smith (Lib Dem hold)
Horfield: Peter John Revel Levy (Lib Dem gain)
Kingsweston: Tim Leaman (Lib Dem gain)
Knowle: Gary Hopkins (Lib Dem hold)
Lockleaze: Sean Clifford Emmett (Lib Dem hold)
Redland: Sylvia Jeanne Townsend (Lib Dem hold)
Southmead: Jenny Smith (Labour hold)
Stockwood: David Henry Robert Morris (Conservative hold)
Stoke Bishop: John Goulandris (Conservative hold)
Westbury-on-Trym: Alastair Peter Lindsay Watson (Conservative hold)
Southville: Tess Green (Green hold)
Whitchurch Park: Tim Kent (Lib Dem hold)
Windmill Hill: Alf Havvock (Lib Dem hold)

1701: Overall, the Liberal Democrats have gained two more seats during this election and remain the biggest party in Bristol City Council.

1700: It has been revealed that Labour only secured the Avonmouth seat from the Conservatives after a "lucky dip" - as mentioned, both parties were tied following three counts but the winner was only decided after the two names were put into a ballot box.

1649: More importantly, Reporter Robin has finally hung up his microphone and gone home... the man is like the Duracell Bunny; he just goes on and on. If anyone can help heal the political and personal gulf between Cameron, Clegg and Brown during this difficult hung parliament, it's Reporter Robin.

1648: Labour's Doug Naysmith came out on top with 1,879 (32.70%) votes, that's just ONE vote ahead of nearest competitor Spud Murphy, from the Conservatives, in second with 1,878 votes, or 32.68% of the poll. Blimey...

1647: And...

1646: Hold the front page!! Avonmouth is in...

1636: I've just been talking to Reporter Robin (yes, the newsroom's election hero is still on duty...) and he says the Avonmouth seat has gone into its third recount after a tie between Doug Naysmith of the Labour and Co-Operative Party and Conservative Spud Murphy.

1635: The Bristol City Council live election webcast (catchy name...) has finished and the eagle-eyed among you will notice that the Avonmouth seat hasn't been declared.

1625: Kingsweston is a Liberal Democrat gain, Southmead is a Labour hold, and Stockwood, Stoke Bishop and Westbury-on-Trym are all Conservative holds.

1620: Gosh, I go to powder my nose and half-a-dozen seats get called at once... right then, here we go...

1612: And the yellow is back... Lockleaze has remained a Liberal Democrat seat, with Sean Clifford Emmett gaining 1,920 votes - that's 39.74% of the poll. I beginning to really love those percentages and will be measuring everything like that from now on.

1602: The Green Party's held on to the Southville seat with candidate Tess Green (Green by name and green by nature...) gaining 2,150 votes (33.83%) over Labour in second, the Liberal Democrats in third and the Conservatives in fourth.

1601: Oooooh there's a splash of green on the results board...

1559: There are just two wards left to declare - Avonmouth and Bishopsworth - and the results are coming in thick and fast. It's only the thought of a big bar of chocolate that's keeping... me... going...

1552: It's beginning to resemble a sea of yellow... Whitchurch Park is another hold for the Liberal Democrats - Tim Kent gained 1,857 votes (39.38%) over Labour's Ed Bramall in second (1,798), Jenny Rogers from the Conservatives (699) in third, Michael John Carey from the British National Party (277) in fourth, and Barney Smith from the Green Party in fifth, who polled 85 votes.

1545: There are two more holds for the Liberal Democrats, this time in Redland and Windmill Hill - Sylvia Townsend took the Redland seat with exactly 3,000 votes, or 44.64%, and Alf Havvock polled 3,284 votes (51.83%) in Windmill Hill.

1531: On to the 'Ks' now and Knowle is in... it's a hold for the Liberal Democrats, with Gary Hopkins getting nearly 50% of the vote. Well, 48.49% to be precise but what's 1.51% between political friends.

1528: All the 'H's' and the results from Henbury, Henleaze and Horfield are in - Henbury remains a Conservative hold, whereas both Henleaze and Horfield stay under the yellow of the Liberal Democrats.

1521: Kevin Michael Quartley, of the Conservatives, managed to hold on to that seat with 1,965 (or 40.32%) of the vote. Labour's Darren Eurwyn Lewis came second with 1,667, The Liberal Democrat's Roger Graham Norman came third with 873 and Barrie Robert Lewis, from the Green Party, came in fourth with 368.

1520: Another controversial ward has been declared - Bishopsworth... and it's the first bit of blue on the local election results board.

1508: Right, to make this as easy to read as possible... here are the results from the Filwood, Hartcliffe and Hengrove juries: Filwood is a Labour hold, with Christopher David Jackson getting 2,003 (or 52.70%) of the votes; Hartcliffe is also a Labour hold, with Derek Stephen Pickup gaining 1,728 (or 38.93%) of the votes; and finally Hengrove is a Liberal Democrat hold, with Sylvia Doubell getting 2,164 (or 38.62%) of the vote.

1507: After waiting ages for the results to come in, there's no stopping them now - they're like London busses...

1500: Actually, scrap that... there's some confusion on the Bristol City Council website - it is now stating that Brislington West is a Liberal Democrat hold and not a Labour gain. It now says Peter Henry Main from the Liberal Democrat Focus Team gained 2,141 votes. Conservative Party candidate, Colin Robert Bretherton, came in second with 1,404 votes and Labour's Liam McDonough (who was originally declared the winner!) came third with 1,360 votes. Close, Liam, but no cigar this time...

1440: There's a Labour gain in Brislington West as well - Liam McDonough (the Labour and Co-Operative Party candidate) took 37.81% of the votes, with 2,141 in total. The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrat Focus Team were in second and third respectively, with 1,404 and 1,360 votes.

1435: More seats are being declared and I have a strange feeling that this afternoon is going to be fuelled by chocolate.

1430: Don't forget you can watch, yes watch, the live coverage of the city council elections on the Bristol City Council website. It's the council's first ever webcast, so don't forget to say "white rabbits" while you're watching. Or something like that...

1428: I'll go easy on the stats this time... Labour's Mike Wollacott gained 32.35% of the vote (1,793) which was only 47 votes ahead of Barbara Madeleine Lewis of the Conservatives in second.

1427: Brislington East has just been declared and it's the first gain for Labour in the city's local elections.

1411: It's a Liberal Democrat hold, with candidate David John Willingham getting 51.38% (3,809) of the votes. Labour's David Ian Jepson came second with 1,548 votes, and Graham Woodruff from the Green Party came third with 1,070. The Conservative candidate, David Thomas Harrison Lewis, came fourth with 987 votes.

1410: Talking of "those problems", the ward of Bishopston has just been declared.

1409: Although the second investigation will be internal, Mr House was keen to stress that it will be open to the public so that it was "clear and transparent, so people see what's happened and see we're learning from what's happened."

1405: He added: "One, we'll be calling the Electoral Commission for an external investigation to find out what's happened. Secondly, an internal investigation will be led by the Chief Executive [Jan Ormondroyd] and myself, to find out exactly what's happened in these cases and to make sure that we learn from what's happened, in case anything like this could happen again."

1400: Despite the local results starting to come in, the council's Deputy Chief Exec, Jon House, has told Reporter Robin that they are going to "put in place two investigations" on Monday.

1357: The turnout for the Bedminster ward was 6,531 residents, that's 65.86%... just in case you love stats.

1347: And as if by magic... the first local election result is in: Labour's Mark Bradshaw has held on to his seat after gaining 2,129 votes in the Bedminster ward. He beat Ian Robert Cooper of the Liberal Democrats into second place, with 1,903, and Doug Newton from the Conservatives into third with 1,410.

1342: He added: "This has been a very complex process and it's taken some time to get to the right result. However, at this stage, we believe that there's perhaps a few hundred ballot papers [which have] been miss filed. We are in the process of reconciling that at the moment and will shortly be able to declare the winners in each of the seats."

1340: Mr House admits to Reporter Robin that the city council election hasn't gone as "smoothly" as they'd have liked it to have done.

1335: Reporter Robin is being a trooper however and has managed to get an interview with Bristol City Council's Deputy Chief Executive, Jon House about the "missing" votes, which are now being labelled "misfiled".

1332: I do hope Reporter Robin has managed to get a cup of something hot to keep him awake at the local election count in Bristol. He's still there and STILL waiting for the results to come through. I'm thinking of sending him a sticky bun and a can of energy drink via courier to keep his spirits up.

1330: Right then, back and feeling refreshed - although a chocolate-chip cookie would have gone down nicely.

1255: Phew... after all that, I'm going to go and make myself a decaffeinated green tea. I know how to live me.

1252: The Acting Returning Officer then concluded the interview by saying: "I would like to stress how seriously we take this and we are looking towards the possibility of an external investigation into the whole of the election, so we can learn from what did go wrong to make sure that we get everything right next time."

1250: Mr McNamara responded to this very firmly, saying: "The Bristol South postal votes were due to be sent out on the Monday, the week before the election. They were sent out in the Tuesday, in the week before the election, say for 300 votes which were hand-delivered on the Friday before the election. So, it is not true that they were a week late."

1245: Reporter Robin then turned into Jeremy Paxman and asked Mr McNamara about the General Election and a claim, on air from a BBC Radio Bristol listener, that the Bristol South postal votes may have been sent out a week late.

1240: When pushed by Reporter Robin about how many votes Mr McNamara and his team were trying to get in the right places, the Acting Returning Officer said: "This is a complicated process. We are making sure that the right votes go into the right places. I'm not in the business of counting bundles at the moment. I'm in the process of making sure we have a process that will yield accurate and correct results. I'll be happy to talk to you when we know what the facts are. Frankly, at the moment, we don't know what the facts are."

1235: More from Mr McNamara: "Initially we discovered there was a problem with Bishopston and Bishopsworth. We didn't know the extent of that problem, so therefore we decided not to finalise any count until we'd opened all the boxes. So in order to make sure there isn't a problem, we are doing this - rather than discovering a problem or creating a problem."

1230: Mr McNamara added: "Understandably members are very concerned about what has happened - I'm very concerned at what has happened - but we're in the middle of a process, so I think frankly it is quite wrong to say that there are missing ballot papers at the moment. When we have got to the end of the process, I hope to be able to account for every ballot paper."

1225: Stephen McNamara told Reporter Robin: "I think that no ballot papers have gone missing. We're in a process by which we're counting. As you've said, we've discovered a problem whereby some postal votes went into the wrong ballot papers. That is reconcilable and we're in the process of reconciling those numbers."

1220: We've heard that Reporter Robin has managed to get an interview with Stephen McNamara, the Acting Returning Officer for Bristol City Council, and he is asking him about the allegation of "missing votes".

1210: More from Reporter Robin: "The talk amongst many of the candidates is about 'missing votes'," he said. "I've heard from various people that in Avonmouth around 22 votes have gone missing, in Kingsweston that number is 34, and someone even said to me that [in] Bishopston, 850 ballot papers may have gone missing."

1200: Some breaking news at midday - I sound like my own personal news bulletin... anyway, there have been fresh "developments" at the Bristol City Council count, where the handling of the local election continues to be called into question. Reporter Robin is still there, so we'll bring you more when we get it.

1135: And that's not all from Reporter Robin: "The Liberal Democrat candidate, Gary Hopkins, has filed a complaint to the election watchdog - the Electoral Commission - about what he claims to be the poor management of the elections." Meanwhile, the wait for the results continues...

1130: Reporter Robin (which is the new "news name" I have now given him for the purposes of this election) added: "Some [candidates] are unhappy about the length of time it took to get results in Bristol North West and Bristol South last night, others are unhappy about postal votes being sent out with the wrong constituency name on the front, and now [this morning] a bundle of Bishopston voting slips found their way into a Bishopsworth box and vice-versa, delaying the announcement of all results until after 1pm."

1125: BBC Radio Bristol's Robin Markwell has been a busy boy this morning - he's got more info from the local election results in Bristol, which seems to be turning into a bit of a voting palaver. He said that there was "a lot of anger" amongst candidates of all parties - with the city council's electoral services team - about the way the local (and national) elections have been run.

1110: Check out some video of Bristol West's holding Lib Dem MP, Stephen Williams - you'll find it in our collection of lovely video on the right hand side of this text...

1035: More details are coming in about the voting confusion in Bristol... Stephen McNamara, the Acting Returning Officer for Bristol City Council, has suggested the mistake happened when postal votes were introduced to the ballot papers. BBC Radio Bristol's Robin Markwell added: "It seems we can not expect all 23 wards that are up for election here to be announced at around lunchtime. Should the Liberal Democrats lose two of their seats, then Bristol City Council - like the House of Commons - will also end up hung."

1015: It's all getting interesting in Bristol. BBC Radio Bristol has learned that an error has led to the result of the Bristol City Council elections being delayed. Reporter Robin Markwell, who is at the count, said confusion between the wards of Bishopsworth and Bishopston had delayed the declaration of results by at least two and a half hours. "It seems a bundle of Bishopston votes sneaked into the ballot box of Bishopsworth, and vice-versa," said Robin. More details when we get 'em...

0958: Good morning everyone... so, Britain officially has a hung Parliament - the first since 1974 - with the Conservatives the largest party. Locally, election fever is still burning brightly, with the Bristol City Council election results due during the day. You can watch the results LIVE (from around 12pm) on the Bristol City Council website. They are hosting their first ever live webcast don't you know...

By Chris Kelly & Lisa Rowell

0915: We'll be a little quiet until after 10am when the local election results begin to come in. Kate will be taking over at that point to keep you up-to-date during the day. Stay tuned!

0838: @CllrJonRogers on Twitter: "Much deserved win for Stephen in Bristol West. Lib Dems have done well in Bristol NW, S and E. Now for crucial local election results."

0817: Don't forget, a third of the seats in Bristol City Council were also up for election at the polling stations yesterday. The count for those gets under way in the next few hours. We will be bringing you the headlines from that on this page during the morning.

Bath: Don Foster (Lib Dem hold)
Bristol E: Kerry McCarthy (Lab hold)
Bristol NW: Charlotte Leslie (Con from Lab)
Bristol S: Dawn Primorolo (Lab hold)
Bristol W: Stephen Williams (Lib Dem hold)
Filton & Bradley Stoke: (Con new seat)
Kingswood: Chris Skidmore (Con gain)
NE Somerset: Jacon Rees-Mogg (Con gain)
N Somerset: Liam Fox (Con hold)
Thornbury & Yate: Steve Webb (Lib Dem hold)
Weston-s-Mare: John Penrose (Con hold)

0811: Chris Skidmore, new Kingswood MP, says: "Thought it was going to be closed by I was surprised by the swing on the night," he tells BBC Radio Bristol. Says greenbelt, downgrading of Frenchay Hospital were factors in Labour losing the seat. Says he spoke to some 2,000 people while doorstepping. He pays tribute to Roger Berry who he beat - says he was a "champion for Kingswood".

0808: Video with Charlotte Leslie and Jacob Rees-Mogg now on this page.

0711: Charlotte Leslie, the new Bristol North West MP: "It was really really hard fought. I made a decision early to fight on action and not words." Also makes a nod to "negative campaigning" in her new constituency.

0700: Video from Bristol North West and North East Somerset coming shortly ...

0629: Kerry McCarthy on Bristol's transport woes: "Transport is not an issue that can be solved by Westminster. It really requires working at local level between the four local authorities and leadership from the city council. I've been pushing them towards an integrated transport authority."

0628: Kerry McCarthy on a 4% increase in BNP votes in Bristol East: "They got less than 2,000 votes across the const. The issue of immigration came up on the doorstep... but that didn't translate into a vote for the BNP."

0536: Dawn Primarolo's majority slightly down but she stays in her Bristol South seat by a pretty decent margin.

0535 BRISTOL SOUTH - Labour hold

0526: Jacob Rees-Mogg, the new North East Somerset MP, says the first thing he wants to do is "stop the destruction of the green belt".

0523: Charlotte Leslie wins the Bristol North West seat which was previously held by Labour but remember boundary changes have very much changed this constituency.

0520 BRISTOL NORTH WEST - Conservative win

0509: Still waiting for the last two results ... Looks like sunrise might win here! (see 0434)

John Armstrong - Bristol North West

0453: John Armstrong at Ashton Gate says we should expect the Bristol North West result in the next 15 minutes. Another count held up by postal votes which needed to be verified.

0447: Chris Skidmore, the new Conservative MP for Kingswood, says he is "staggered" at the result. He went in "with nothing to lose and everything to gain". Adds boundary changes there "probably helped". We're just getting the video of that sorted so you can watch it.

0441: @Bristol247, @stillawakesay and @nosugars all saying "hope so" to the sun question ... Bristol North West could be in about 30 mins. Sunrise today is 5.30am. The race is on ...

0434: Will the last two Bristol results come in before the sun rises over the city? What do you reckon?

0422: Still waiting on Bristol North West and Bristol South. Meanwhile, Kerry McCarthy's share of the vote dropped 8.9% compared to 2005.

0411: Kerry McCarthy polls around 16,000 to regain her seat and thanks other candidates following "good natured" campaign.

0409 BRISTOL EAST - Labour hold

0359: Rees-Mogg got 21,130 votes, with Norris on 16,216.

0357: Jacob Rees-Mogg gains the old Wansdyke seat from Labour's Dan Norris. The new seat is named North East Somerset.

0356 NORTH EAST SOMERSET - Conservative gain

0344: First interview with Roger Berry - the ousted Labour MP for Kingswood - talking to the BBC's Michelle Ruminski. There's more audio/video on the right of this page.

0339: Stephen Williams re-elected in Bristol West with a huge majority.

0338 BRISTOL WEST - Liberal Democrat hold

0332: Bath's Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster: "I have never taken this city for granted and tonight is a huge privilege to be returned with such a huge majority."

0331 BATH - Liberal Democrat hold

0326: There's us saying it's gone quiet ... Bath expected in next five minutes.

0319: It's all gone a bit quiet in this part of the world so we hope you're trying to stay awake - we still have all the Bristol seats to come ... Special mention to @85tolife who took a photo of the BBC big screen in Millennium Square which is showing our TV election coverage tonight. Also, loving your Lost background there. Now there's a TV series coming to as exciting a climax as this election battle!

Clare Forestier - Bristol South

0301: Clare Forestier at Bristol South: "Tory and Labour candidates here but the count still hasn't started. Still verifying which means their plans to announce before 4am looking unlikely."

0254: Liam Fox won in North Somerset with a majority of 7,862, that's 49.3% of the vote. Compared to 2005 he's up from 41.8%.

0251 NORTH SOMERSET - Conservative hold

0250: Weston's Conservative MP John Penrose says "many, many thanks" in a very short speech.

0248 WESTON-SUPER-MARE - Conservative hold

0243: A little outside of our area but of interest: Annunziata Rees-Mogg has lost out in the Somerton and Frome constituency to David Heath of the Liberal Democrats. The result means that we can't get a brother and sister duo in the Commons with sibling Jacob Rees-Mogg a candidate in North East Somerset. Result not in for Jacob yet but Annunziata only lost out by 1,817 votes.

0238: The BBC Election 2010 live text quotes Alastair Campbell as saying: "We've lost a lot of seats, there's no doubt about that. And Kingswood was a bad result."

0228: @joelspuds on Twitter says: "Bristol south count about to start. Even Dawn P has managed to find her way here..."

0217: And another nibble from Filton and Bradley Stoke. The man that changed his name by deed poll to Zero None of the Above managed 172 votes - and has just said on Twitter: "Absolutely mullered but absolutely worth it for the kicking speech I gave at the end ..."

Stephen Lamb - Weston-super-Mare

0211: Stephen Lamb says turnout in Weston-super-Mare has risen from 65% to 67.24%. The candidates there have arrived in the last half-an-hour but no hint of when the result might be announced.

Conservatives' first win of the night

0206: More on Roger Berry losing his Kingswood seat. A Labour Party spokesman said: "This result was one Labour had expected and were prepared for as boundary changes made the seat vulnerable." But, the new Conservative MP there said: "I spoke to around 2,000 people on the doorstep during the campaign and the majority simply said we don't want another five years of Gordon Brown."

Jamie Reed - Bristol West

0200: Jamie Reed in Brislington says the counting process in Bristol East has been held up because people with postal votes handed them in at the polling station instead of posting them. The problem is that all of those votes, and the signatures, need to be verified at the Council House which has slowed everything down. He says counting hasn't even started yet there.

0150: And with amazing timing, Labour candidate Kerry McCarthy says on Twitter : "Bristol East and South still on verification process, going to be late. 4am." A few minutes later she adds that they have only just started counting in Bristol East. Over on our Twitter feed the conversation centres around how to stay awake to watch the results coming in.

0145: Just in case you are interested, the predicted times for the rest of the counts in the Bristol area: Bristol East/North West/South are all around 3am. Bath due before 2.30am. North Somerset around 2.30am. North East Somerset due 3.30am and Weston-super-Mare at 4.10am. We'll let you know if the timings change.

0135: Ali Vowles in Bath says a result is due there in about 45 minutes - that's Don Foster's seat.

0125: Great retweet from Bristol 247 : "@Ornsack: Kingswood is an international trending topic. What a surreal moment."

0120: It was thought it was going to be a really close contest in Filton and Bradley Stoke: but in the end Jack Lopresti got 19,686 to Labour candidate Ian Boulton's 12,772. Peter Tyzack for the Lib Dems got 12,197. Zero None of the Above came last with 172.

0117: FILTON AND BRADLEY STOKE - Conservative win

0114: Turnout in North Somerset is 75%.

0113: Kerry McCarthy on Twitter saying Roger Berry's loss in Kingswood is "sad". She adds he was a "excellent MP and a very decent man".

0111: The Bradley Stoke Journal reporting Filton and Bradley Stoke result due shortly ...

Chris Skidmore delivers his victory speech in Kingswood
Roger Berry held the Kingswood seat for Labour since 1992

0107: Ali Vowles in Bath says turnout for this ward was 70.74%, including postal votes - the highest in many years, it has been suggested.

0104: Chris Skidmore is the new MP for Kingswood. He says the constituents have "voted for change". He has a majority of 2,391 over Labour's Roger Berry, who has held the seat since 1992.

0102: KINGSWOOD - Conservative gain

Michelle Ruminski - Kingswood

0059: Returning officer talking to candidates at Kingswood - Michelle Ruminski not sure if this is a declaration or a sign of a recount as discussions continue.

Clare Forestier - Bristol South

0055: Clare Forestier at Bristol South says there's no sign of the Tory (Mark Lloyd Davies) or Labour (Dawn Primarolo) candidates yet. She adds: "The Lib Dem candidate told me there were big queues in Windmill Hill today so higher turnout than expected."

0051: Evening everyone. First result in - Liberal Democrat Steve Webb holds the old Northavon seat which is now Thornbury and Yate.

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