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How safe is cycling in Bristol?

Cyclist and driver on the road
Bristol is a cycling city but just how safe is it to cycle on our roads?

Three cyclists have been seriously injured on Bristol's roads in the last six days, with one victim - a 52 year old man - dying from his injuries in hospital.

Bristol is supposed to be a cycling city but is it really safe to ride a bike?

In fact, back in June we reported that figures released by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents showed that the number of cycling casualties in our area had actually risen.

Statistics for the ex-Avon area showed that the numbers of incidents increased from 401 in 2004 to 456 in 2007.

Adrian Roper, from Bristol-based cycling charity Sustrans, spoke to BBC Radio Bristol reporter Nigel Dando about the problem.

"Generally speaking is is safe to cycle on the roads in Bristol," he said.

"Of course it is even safer to cycle on the off-road paths, like the Bristol and Bath path and the Pill path.

"Cycling is one of the safest means of transport to get around, but there are a number of improvements that we could see made."

Mr Roper believes that a more "live and let live" approach to life is needed, and that cyclists need to put centre stage in transport plans in the future.

"I think what would be really useful here in Bristol, and as part of the cycling city, is to ensure that cyclists and walkers are prioritised against motor traffic, so that they have good provision.

"At the moment our transport system and our roads here in Bristol - just like everywhere else - are really designed to get cars around as quickly as we can.

"That really needs to change if we want to start seeing people travel around more safely, [in] ways that benefit their health and the environment."

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