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Hannover visit for city bid team
Zinedine Zidane dribbles past Hannover sign
Hannover has hosted World Cup matches including during the 2006 games

A delegation from Bristol is to visit Hannover in Germany on a fact-finding mission for the city's World Cup bid.

The group will visit Bristol's twin city which has hosted matches from both the 2006 and 1974 tournaments before.

Bristol is hoping to be one of the dozen cities which go forward to England's bid for the 2018 games.

Stephen Wray, director of partnerships at Bristol City Council, told BBC Bristol they would find out how traffic and security was set up in Germany.

"We need to speak to the officials that manage traffic and transport - that's really the big area for us, we think.

"In 2006, Germany was able to scale down their security arrangements. They'd anticipated a bigger problem than they actually experienced
Stephen Wray, Bristol City Council

"Understanding the people flows, understanding how you keep the normal public transport systems running at the same time as you're seeking to manage large numbers of people coming in and out of the city."

Mr Wray added that although security was high on the agenda the experience of Hannover officials was match-goers created a "party atmosphere".

"We'll be meeting with the director of the police and security services in Hannover and Frankfurt. We'll be seeking to learn the lessons from them.

"In 2006, Germany was able to scale down their security arrangements. They'd anticipated a bigger problem than they actually experienced.

"Both cities found out it was very much a party atmosphere."

Bristol's bid for the games must be in by November 6 with a decision being made over whether they then go forward to the national bid made by December.

The trip is "being hosted by Hannover and Frankfurt" but the cost of the delegation's flights are being covered by the city council.

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