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Happy smiley pepper surprises man
Nigel's smiley pepper
The smiley faces were found when Nigel cut the pepper open

A man from Nailsea got a surprise when he cut into a pepper only to find a smiley face inside.

Nigel Hollingworth found it in an "experimental" pepper he had been growing with other vegetables at his North Somerset home.

"These jalapenos have been the most fickle of all the vegetables to rear.

"This was the first one to drop off... so I thought I'd just have a look at it and slice the top off and have a look inside," he said.

"Immediately, as the top came off, there was this lovely smiley face right smack in the middle of it - with the eyebrows as well!"

Nigel said the happy pepper is now beginning to disintegrate despite his attempts to save it by pickling it.

"All it's doing is drawing out some of the features stronger but it's rotting the vegetable around it.

"I'm afraid it's a one-day wonder!"

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