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Town roundabout's rabbit mystery
Rabbits during happier times
The rabbits lived on the roundabout in Bradley Stoke

A family of rabbits, who were living on a roundabout in Bradley Stoke, have gone missing.

Rabbit Roundabout, at the junction of Bradley Stoke Way and Winterbourne Road, was famed with locals for its furry inhabitants.

Gareth Rees, a resident of the town, says he is not sure where they have hopped off to.

"This is a mystery to us. After the grass was cut they all seemed to vanish," he said.

The grass was cut back earlier in the summer by South Gloucestershire Council who said they were "not responsible" for the removal of the rabbits.

"There is no evidence to suggest that its regular grass cutting activities over the years have disturbed them," said a council spokesperson.

Mr Rees added: "It has become a local landmark now and this roundabout's not known as Great Stoke Roundabout, it is known as Rabbit Roundabout."

At the other end of Bradley Stoke Way, Richard Rowe of Rowe Veterinary Hospital said he did not believe a disease such as myxomatosis was to blame.

"We haven't seen a whole glut of bunnies with myxomatosis so we'd be happy it isn't because people are very quickly either bringing in injured wild bunnies or their own bunnies if they've caught the bug off wild bunnies.

"We certainly haven't seen an epidemic of it which is good."

Liz Moon, the receptionist at the hospital, says she is "mortified" at the loss of the rabbits from her "favourite" roundabout.

"I think it was about three weeks ago I noticed that the hedging in the middle of the roundabout had been cut well back and since then there have been no rabbits on there.

"Whether they've had their holes blocked up or been evicted I don't know."

A selection of your comments ...

We are worried about the bunnies. Slight good news is, we saw a bunny there last Sunday at around 7.30pm. My daughter was extremely worried about whereabouts of them, but that was a relief.
Yoshiko, Richard and Amy, Stoke Gifford

Rabbit roundabout is a favourite with everyone that passes by and I too have been worried about their whereabouts. I think the problem arose when the bushes in the centre were cut back too harshly leaving them a very small area to hide away in, it was strange that it was just after that they disappeared.
Gill, Stoke Lodge

We also saw the one rabbit on Sunday night but that is the first one for a long time. As Gill said the disappearance happened when they cut back the bushes and flower beds. Perhaps we should get it designated as a nature reserve so that it's treated with more care!
Graham, Bradley Stoke

I saw one rabbit on Saturday afternoon!
Lyn, Winterbourne

I have lived close to this roundabout for over 10 years and this is not the first time they have left the roundabout for the summer. They have come back in early October.
Stephen, Bradley Stoke

Good News!!! I saw a single little bunny at 6.45am this morning [Wednesday]. Hopefully they will all return slowly but surely. Come home bunnies, the local residents are missing you!!!
Louise, Bradley Stoke

I look out for a bunny every time we drive past and haven't seen one for about 5 weeks :(. COME BACK RABBITS!
Lucy, Bradley Stoke

There had been talk of changing roundabout but outcry demanded it was left alone because of the rabbits. Is this another example of another sneaky move by the council to do what it wants anyway. How long before work begins on the roundabout I wonder.
Sue, Bradley Stoke

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