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BBQ ban lifted on Bristol's Downs?
Disposable barbecues could be allowed on concrete slabs under new plans.

On a sunny day on Bristol's Downs, plumes of smoke can be seen from the many barbecues littering the grass.

Most people are just having a good time but they are doing so illegally.

Now the barbecue ban could be lifted in certain areas after the city council, and the Downs committee, shelved an idea to use CCTV to police the policy.

Designated areas where people would be allowed to light up could be created and there would be increasing enforcement outside those areas.

Peter Abraham is a member of the Downs committee and is proposing the introducing of concrete slabs in certain areas of the Downs, on which disposable barbecues could be used.

"I sort of came up with the idea from an experience in my own garden, where I haven't got a barbecue place and just put a disposable one on the paving slabs," he said.

"It worked perfectly so I thought if we sunk paving slabs throughout bits of the Downs, and said we could allow the disposable type of barbecues, I thought that would be meeting people half-way."

"I went past a few weeks ago and they [the public] were just lined up with these little disposables," councillor Abraham added.

"Really having a nice time, young people enjoying themselves, and I think that should be encouraged in a proper way."

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