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'Introducing' yourself to the BBC
Duppy Beatz in the studio
Duppy Beatz has had his work featured on Radio 1

So you're a new artist and you want your music to be heard by a wider audience?

You could send CDs to every DJ on the air and play as many gigs as humanly possible, or you could turn to the BBC and a bit of modern technology...

The BBC Uploader is exactly what you'd expect from the name, a tool to send your tracks to the BBC.

Music finds its way to the local BBC Introducing teams who then pass it on to great DJs on Radio 1 and 6 Music.

You can find the Uploader on the BBC Introducing website.

Bristol artist Duppy Beatz did just that with his track 'It's Alright to Cry'. BBC Bristol Introducing rated the song and sent it to the producer of Huw Stephens' In New Music We Trust programme.

Huw played it on Radio 1 on 16 September and said he'd be keeping a close eye on Duppy in the future.

I feel this airplay will, hopefully, inspire other artists in Bristol and show the nation we really do have plenty to offer.
Duppy Beatz

Duppy was made up and told us how this airplay had been a real boost in more ways than one.

"Since my music was broadcast on BBC Radio 1, things have changed amongst family, colleagues and friends, and even within me," he told BBC Bristol.

"When I first received the news, I was overwhelmed with joy, and then when I actually heard it myself, I was filled with disbelief and excitement.

"My mum and grandmother somehow thought I was some kind of overnight celebrity, immediately encouraging me to push on further and suddenly taking a major interest in my music - strange coincidence.

"Friends, colleagues and even my girlfriend have all been making jokes, saying "don't forget me when you're famous ya know", which does make me laugh and also fills me with optimism and excitement for the future.

"All-in-all it's been a great time for me and those around me. I feel this airplay will, hopefully, inspire other artists in Bristol and show the nation we really do have plenty to offer."

So, if you're a musician from these 'ere parts, get uploading and get airplay!



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