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BBC film unearths Beatles photos

Sandra Blaken
A teenage Sandra and her friends tracked down The Beatles in Weston

Bristol grandmother Sandra Blaken was a Beatles fan before the Fab Four became international superstars.

In July 1963, the group played two gigs a night at the resort's Odeon Cinema and 16-year-old Sandra was on a mission to meet the boys and see them perform.

She and her friend Joyce tracked the group down and managed to sneak into their room at the Royal Pier hotel.

Young Sandra kept a diary and scrapbook and has shared her memories with BBC One's Inside Out West...

My Encounters with The Beatles by Sandra Blaken, taken from the diary of events I wrote at the time.

Went down Weston on the Wednesday morning [July 24 1963] with Joyce.

Found out what hotel Beatles staying in by buying 2 chaps ten fags each.

John Lennon in VW Camper Van in Weston-super-Mare in 1963
Sandra spent two days following and photographing members of the band

Went to hotel (Royal Pier) in afternoon. Got Paul's, Fred's & Les Chadwick's autographs. Gerry, John & George came out but were in a hurry but managed to get Gerry's autograph.

Chap on duty at door left in car so as Fred had told us Beatles' bedroom number was 49 about six of us went up. Door open, went in, no-one there, ward-robe open.

Bible open on one of the two beds. Letter for George on dressing table & record cover with John's name on in ward-robe so must have been John & George's bedroom.

I took big card label from one of a pile of Wolsey Cotton rib X briefs!! Nearly got police on us because we went up to bedroom.

Went to show (2nd performance) - fab!!! They recognised us especially Paul & Fred.

Went down Weston on the Friday morning [July 26 1963] with Stephanie & Ros. Went straight to hotel.

underwear label signed by The Beatles
Sandra kept the underwear label signed by Paul McCartney

Got rest of Beatles' & Pacemakers' autographs and also Tommy Quickly's.

Got label from pants signed by Beatles. Paul knew I'd been up in bedroom!!

Took photos. Stayed outside hotel all day (7½ hours).


© Sandra Blaken 2010

You can find out more about The Beatles' week in Weston-super-Mare on BBC One's Inside Out West on Monday, 8 November at 7.30pm.

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