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The Inn at Freshford visited by paranormal society

Louise Cooper (l) and Marc Hicks at The Inn at Freshford
Louise and Marc began running the pub at the beginning of the year

A Bath pub has been contacted by a paranormal society following a number of spooky sightings.

The Inn at Freshford was contacted by the group, which is keen to investigate the family-run pub's ghostly inhabitants.

"For a long time regulars have reported seeing the apparition of a middle-aged man, who is often followed by a woman and a child," said Louise Cooper, who took over the running of the pub with her fiance Marc Hicks earlier this year.

The identity of the figures is unknown but those who have seen them describe them as being dressed in Victorian clothing.

The inn's barman Richard has often got a "creepy feeling" when he is working on his own in the evening.

He has even been known to yell at the spooky 'family' and tell them to go away, as it feels as though they are "always around him".

Louise added: "We do know that a notorious local highwayman, Jack Jones, was arrested by the landlord of the inn in 1784.

"He was later executed in Ilchester, [so] I wonder if he has any involvement in the appearances people have reported."

The 16th Century inn is believed to have housed several occupations over the years, including a butchers, a bakers, a bar, a shop, and a coffin makers, alongside space for a mortuary.

And co-owner Marc has even tried out the mortuary slab for size.

"I've laid out on it and it does fit a body perfectly," he said.

Marc added: "We knew it was an old building but we didn't think there'd be any [ghostly] sights, or even noises to be honest.

"I hear every evening, it's around about the same time usually 12pm/12.30pm, like a couple of thuds, real deep thuds.

"I've tried working this one out; it's definitely not the pipes.

The Inn At Freshford
The inn was once a bakery, a butchers, a bar, a shop and a mortuary

"For the first month or so I just thought it was the building moving but it was too regular".

It is the building's former past as a mortuary that has Marc thinking about the cause of the noise.

"The only thing I can think of is the bodies being brought in the evening - it's got that really heavy, deep thud about it.

"It's quite creepy when you think about it, what could have happened behind the scenes".

But whatever the result of the paranormal investigation, Marc is happy to share his pub with the spooks.

"As long as they keep themselves to themselves, I'm quite happy to be honest."

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