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In pictures: Rocking The Granary

An empty shot of The Granary rock club

The Granary rock club ran from 1968 until 1988 in a former grain warehouse in Bristol.

Al Read playing music at the club

Al Read, seen here on the right, was one of four local musicians who started the club.

The infamous stairs at the club

The infamous stairs had to be tackled by everyone going to the club, including the bands with their equipment.

A band plays to a packed house

A large number of well-known rock bands of today cut their teeth in front of the intimate crowds.

Punk musicans playing in 1981

The club spanned two decades of music, seeing many different musical styles during its time.

The club was also known as the home of rock

The club became known as the home of rock.

The space at the club was limited.

The space was limited and basic compared to today, but it survived for twenty years.

A view of the upper balcony at the club

The viewing area for the bands was spread over two floors, between the large pillars.

A view of the stage from the back of the room

There were two bar areas in the club, one on the bottom floor, and one on the balcony.

A collection of rock fans at the club

If you were into rock music, then the club was the place to see music.

Granary Club founder's memories
28 Jan 09 |  Bristol


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