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Michael Palin launches Britain from the Air exhibition
Heart Wood, Oare, Wiltshire
Oare's heart-shaped wood features in the photo exhibition in Bath

People in Bath will be able to see the beauty of the UK from above while keeping their feet on the ground.

Michael Palin, the president of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), is launching a street gallery called Britain from the Air.

The exhibition features a giant outdoor walk-on map of Britain.

More than 100 large aerial photographs will be located around the city centre showcasing Britain's natural and human landscapes.

The Circus in Bath, Wiltshire's historic Stonehenge, a heart-shaped wood in Oare and Glastonbury Festival in Somerset are among the West country locations featured.

Former Monty Python star Michael Palin said the project was a joint venture between the society and WeCommunic8.

"They did a very good exhibition a few years ago with the RGS called Earth From the Air and it was incredibly popular.

"Something like 8m people saw or walked past, and came along to see the images.

Michael Palin

"So this time we're confining it to our own country but it's the same idea."

Palin said the director of the RGS, Rita Gardner, was among a group that narrowed down 10,000 photographs to just 100.

"Decisions were obviously governed by the beauty of the pictures themselves but also trying to balance up the human landscapes.

"So we've got got Liverpool, we've got Bath, we've got cities, we've got airports as well as the beauty of the natural landscape.

"So it gives an overview of the country that you wouldn't normally see in one go."

He added that looking at the UK from the air showed "patterns that you couldn't normally see" from the ground.

Michael is due to attend the official opening of the outdoor exhibition which takes place on Tuesday, 28 September.

It will bring Palin to the city where another of his former Python colleagues - John Cleese - now lives.

"I thought I'd see him strolling in the streets," Michael said. "We could go and buy a parrot together!

"Unfortunately I think he's in Sweden trying to make some money for his divorce settlement!"

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