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Bristol's Jongleurs to close down

Sean Meo at Jongleurs in Bristol
The venue in Bristol is being closed by its parent company

A Bristol comedian says the comedy circuit will rally following the news that the city's Jongleurs is to close.

The venue is to close because of a management buyout at its parent company, Regents Inn, leaving the city with a big hole in its comedy circuit.

Administrators for Regent Inns decided to close the Baldwin Street club along with venues in Bow, Nottingham, Oxford and Southampton.

The deal means that 60 other venues owned by the company across the country will remain open.

As part of the package of closures Quincey's bar at the Shield Centre in Filton will also close.

In total, 186 jobs will be lost across the nine "worst performing" sites.

Comedian Mark Olver, who had four bookings at Jongleurs venues across the country over the next few months, said it was a "real shame" it was closing.

But he said comedians in the city would pull together despite the setback.

"The Bristol comedy scene can come through, there's a real sense of community," he said.

"There's a ladder of gigs and it's a real shame to lose Jongleurs in the same way it was to lose Jesters [as a dedicated comedy venue].

"But there's always going to be gigs and something will come up to replace it.

"Bristol's Jongleurs was one of the best in the country but I wouldn't be surprised if something came along to replace it.

"This is the start of the story rather than the end," he said.

Jongleurs says anyone with tickets to the venue will be refunded.

"Sadly, we can confirm that Jongleurs in Baldwin Street has closed as the economics are such that long term viability cannot be assured," a statement from the club read.

"However we will ensure that all customers that have booked tickets are fully refunded by method of payment."

What do you think of the news that Jongleurs is closing in Bristol? Did you go to the venue often? Or are you not bothered? Let us know.

I am the owner of Jesters Comedy Club in Bristol, and I can assure you that we are still quite firmly here and going nowhere.

For anyone who is confused, we have simply rebranded the building as 'Metropolis' to reflect our commitment to live music AS WELL AS live stand up comedy. It is impossible to get musicians and customers to attend live music in a building branded as a comedy club, hence the change of name.
David Trew, Bristol

Bristol Jongleurs closed - I'm absolutely gutted!! We usually go a few times a year either with friends or just as a couple. We had an amazing new year there this year and I was planning to have my hen do there next summer. There's no substitution at the moment - where do we go now??
Dee, Bristol

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