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Banksy show sparks donation rise
Banksy v Bristol Museum sign
Donations to the museum were up during the exhibition

Visitors to an exhibition by the graffiti artist Banksy have raised more than £45,000 in museum donations.

At least 300,000 people queued for up to six hours over the past 12 weeks to see Banksy v Bristol Museum.

The museum said that it had made more than four times the usual amount in donations taking in what they would usually expect during a whole year.

Banksy charged Bristol City Council £1 for the exhibition on the condition CCTV footage of him was destroyed.

The show featured 100 artworks, 78 of them new, including a fish finger swimming around a goldfish bowl and Banksy's own take on classical art.

Banksy is also said to have sneaked into the museum a few times during the night to make additions to artworks.

A portrait of Michael Jackson opening the door of a fairytale house to Hansel and Gretel was added after the singer's death.

James Stevenson, 24, who queued for five-and-a-half hours to see the show, said it was "well worth the wait".

"The queues are huge but I suppose it's part of the experience," he added.

"Banksy is the artist of a generation. His work is amazing but it also has a powerful message about society.

"My favourite has to be the riot police running hand in hand through a field of flowers."


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