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Banksy v Bristol Museum

Queues at Banksy exhibition
Some brave souls were queuing for up to six hours

Queues are guaranteed in Bristol this weekend for the final bow of Banksy's exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

The line to see the graffiti artist's show has steadily got longer over the past few months with Friday's queue going back as far as Priory Road.

And on Wednesday, the queue was closed at 2pm due to the sheer number of people wanting to see the show despite it closing at the later time of 8pm.

Judy James, body language and behavioural expert, said the British loved a good queue and that perhaps the queue was part of the fun of the exhibition.

Isabel Webster reports from the queue

"We do love what are called the static queues, the long-term queues. The queues [where] the act of queuing has taken on more excitement and life.

"Probably, and I wouldn't say do it, but if someone said Banksy's taken all his pictures back they would still consider they've had a good day out!

"They've enjoyed the sociability of it."

In fact people in the queue appear to be in good spirits as people have left the queue to get a drink or take-away food and have been able to re-join.

And for those in the queue who are caught short, then reading material via a Big Issue seller and a man selling umbrellas comes to them.

The final day of Banksy v Bristol Museum is Monday, 31 August 2009 - but make sure you get there early if you want to get in.

A selection of your views ...

Of course we could have done without the queue - five hours instead of the anticipated two-and-a-half hours but it passed very quickly and Banksy's terrific show made it all worth while! Tired as we were, the exhibits kept everyone energised and exhilarated.
Jenny, Dorset

After a three hour queue on Friday we finally reached the front only to be told "the museum was now closing", many a fan decided to settle down for the night and try their luck in the morning. not being at the back of the queue myself, one has to wonder why they did not close the queue when it became clear some of us would not gain entry. although I'm not opposed to queuing, i do prefer it when there's something at the end of the line.
Lowri, Salisbury

We travelled through all the roadworks, heavy traffic and accident delays to get there at 11:30 on Tuesday - to be told there were 5.5 hour queues and that last entry was 4:30. Wasted journey or what! This should have been ticketed to control access, with tickets on a first come - although I suppose the touts would have made a fortune.
Alan, Wakefield

I queued for two hours on a Sunday morning. There were people of all ages and walks of life and they were mostly very interesting and interested in having a good time. Time passed very quickly and it was an excellent social event- perhaps because it did not rain! Queuing was certainly part of the experience, but it was not better than the show. I love Banksy and what he stands for.
Susana, Bristol

Our party consisted of myself, my daughter and her boyfriend. We had a 3hr 40 min drive from Cambridgeshire, just to see the exhibit. We got to the museum at 11 o'clock, and was told that the waiting time was 6 hrs, and that we couldn't be guaranteed entry, but having come so far, just for the exhibit, we felt we had to give it a go. The queue was fun, we could leave for food and drink, but it could have done with a portaloo, especially for the kids present. There was definitely an air of being part of something special, of 'you had to have been there' about the day. However, having got into the museum at 5 o'clock, we barely had 30 minutes to see the exhibit, and the staff had already closed off a couple of rooms, so we didn't get to see everything, and really didnt have the time to appreciate all of Banksy's hard work.
Lesley, Peterborough

I queued for over three-and-a-half hours to see Banksy and it was more than worth it. One of the few bright and sunny days we had! With a friend we were able to get food and re-join with no problems!
Dave, Yate

We came came down specifically for the exhibition. The queue was 5 hours but it didn't seem that long - even with an 8 year old with a fully charged Nintendo DS. It was definitely worth the wait and well worth the trip - just make sure you look around the whole museum. There were a few surprises!
Phillip, Sheffield

Arrived at 7.30am yesterday morning and was in to the museum within 2-2.5 hours so the key reall is to get there early and thankfully the museum opened around 8.45am. The queue was all typically British and civilised and people very chatty. Well worth the relatively short queuing time.
Tim, Bristol

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