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Banksy v Bristol Museum

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A new exhibition is due to open in September

A Banksy fan from Bristol has launched a campaign to extend the street artist's exhibition in the city.

Robert Chandler says not enough people have been able to see the show at the City Museum and Art Gallery, which is due to end on August 31 2009.

Now he is calling for a people to join the Facebook group '1,000,000 to keep Banksy in Bristol'.

"It has brought a lot of money into Bristol, it has drawn visitors to the museum, so why move it?" said Robert.

Banksy Versus Bristol Museum has attracted unprecedented visitor numbers to the venue, with people queuing for hours to see it.

The city council has extended opening hours to cope with demand but says another exhibition of drawings - End of the Line from the Haywood Gallery - will open in September.

"The demand for Banksy is still high," Robert told Steve Le Fevre on BBC Radio Bristol.

"There are still a lot of Bristolians who haven't actually seen the exhibition yet, never mind go back and appreciate it a second time.

"If you had any business that was as successful as this, would you stop it in mid-stream? The answer is no."

Here are a selection of comments on this story...

The Banksy exhibition should stay in Bristol, it's an amazing once in a life time exhibit - everyone should be given time to see it.
Topher, Bristol

I would love this to stay as I haven't been able to get there yet as the queues are always too long. It will also encourage more people to use the museum.

I have seen the show myself and I know that both of my daughters would love to see the exhibition but so far the queues have been extremely long.
Vibs, Bristol

Have one day per week of late night opening until 10pm and charge a small entry fee to cover the costs. This will give the people who really want to see it but have day jobs to see it.
Iain, Bristol

Keep the exhibition going until the queues stop coming. We went to see it during the first week - when we saw the size of the queue, we went away again. There must be many more like us. Heck, how about charging a small entrance fee for the Banksy show? What a revolutionary idea!
Paul, Stroud

The Banksy exhibition should definitely stay in Bristol at least for another two months. I've not been able to see it yet as the queues are just too long.
BB, Bristol

As mentioned by others, I am a local but have not seen the exhibits yet - three hours in a queue is way too long. Hopefully, the waiting time will become less if the exhibition is allowed to stay in Bristol longer.
Karen, Bristol

I don't think it should stay in the Bristol museum, but in a separate Museum for Banksy's exhibits.
Scott, Bristol

Sorry but isn't graffiti illegal, doesn't matter if it's good or not. Surely we don't want to commend defacing public and private property.
Sarah, Bristol

I would love the exhibition to stay on longer in Bristol, I have tried to go see it several times but the queues have been far too long!
Pip, UK

Of course it should stay on, at least until Banksy wants it removed! This gift from Banksy to the Bristol economy is fantastic, just what Bristol needed. Thank you Banksy...
Ellie, Bristol

PLEASE keep the exhibition a while longer. I can't stand for hours on end and have been past so many times, hoping that the queues would shorten. So far they haven't. I'm certain there are many other elderly people in the same situation.
Ann, Bristol

I haven't had chance to see this yet!!! I've been working away most of the summer and I won't get to see it if it closes before my return!!! Banksy has always been said to be local, so shouldn't the art stay close to its heart? Please?! just a for a little longer at least!
Fi, Clevedon

My son was very keen to see the exhibition so we queued for over three hours on Wednesday but it was so worth it. I agree totally....it should stay longer.
Becky, Bristol

I think it was great, I've been to go and see it once and I'm considering going again! We queued for hours in the cold but I think it's fantastic and everybody who's got a chance to go and see it should. It's well worth the travel and the queuing.. :)
Hayley, Peterborough

I want so much to see this but every time I get down there, the queue is unbelievably long. My kids wouldn't queue for that long. Keep it open as long as possible!!!
Chris, Bristol

Haven't got to see it yet, so yes it should be kept. Why not make it permanent as it is attracting so many visitors to the museum and Bristol. Since when have we had queues for several hours to see an exhibit at the Bristol Museum?
Clare, Yate

My husband and myself are in our late sixties and have made three attempts to see the Banksy exhibition but have failed each time. Please keep it at the museum. Maybe we will have more chance when the schools go back, plus it is very good for the city of Bristol.
Diane, Bristol

I saw the exhibition in June. I want to see it again. It feels sad to close the exhibition down. Many more people should have the opportunity to visit it and Banksy is an icon of Bristol. There is still a great need to see the exhibition as far as I understand. [Fortunately] I must say, I only queued for 40 minutes. There were so many nice guards and people in the queue to talk with.
Per, Stockholm in Sweden

I am hoping to see the exhibition this week, however it would be great to have a longer period or perhaps a different venue. Cheers Banksy.
Tim, Clevedon

I think it should stay for longer - many of us in Bristol, especially those of us in full time work, have not been able to see it.
Jane, Bristol

Whilst I am a fan of Banksy's work, what most people fail to realise is Bristol City Museum is gaining very little from this. How many of those who have visited will go back to the museum post-Banksy exhibit? The museum has not charged an entry fee, and hence has made no money which could have been ploughed back into many of it's collections. So, as the collections name is entitled 'Banksy vs Bristol Museum', and it is clear who has won, I'd say it was time to blow the final whistle and let the museum get back to being a museum and not a mecca for those drawn in by media hype.
Daniel, Weston-super-Mare

I work away from Bristol 14 hours a day. Only chance to even join the queue is the weekend. Friends of mine who started queuing today (Saturday) at 9.30am were told the wait could be up to 6 hours. I love Banksy's work, do I get a chance to stroll in for a visit, I guess not.
micralot, Bristol

I have visited the Museum many times over the years, for various exhibitions and also I like to wander round and enjoy, then have a coffee. I would love to see the Banksy exhibition but due to arthritis I would find it impossible to wait in a queue for hours. Please get this exhibition extended so that wait comes down.
Colin, Bristol

Obviously it should be extended. So many people want to see it and the queues haven't begun to go down. The museum is benefitting. The economy of Bristol is benefitting too, so why stop now? Perhaps they should have a day just for Bristol council-tax payers. We could bring our bills as proof of ID.
Liz, Bristol

Yes the exhibition should be extended. We tried to visit this week but it was going to be over a five hours wait so sadly had to return home. Daughters also keen to visit but the queues are still way too long.
Kate, Bradford on Avon

Six of us travelled from Manchester by train to go on Sunday, to be told at 12 noon that the queue was going to take six (yes, six) hours, and no-one would be let in after 4.30pm. No wonder the local economy is booming - we suddenly had to abandon any hope of getting in, and "do Bristol". Great though Bristol is, the logistics for the exhibition are rubbish.
Chris, Rawtenstall

Yes, graffiti is illegal but that is why his work was a lot better in the streets then in some museum. If people thought about this a bit more they could have taken tourists on tour of Bristol to see his work and get a tour of the city. Now Banksy has lost his uniqueness to his work and is just standard stuff.
Maliki, Bristol

Always leave them wanting more. It should end when stated. Let us just hope there's another exhibition one day.
Matthew, Chesham

I think it should stay open as not everyone can queue for hours, disabled, small kids etc etc. However the idea only council tax payers should have a day is ridiculous. Okay for the people of Bristol, fine, but just because you don't have the income to pay council tax, you are on benefits or you are a student, doesn't mean you are not a full citizen of Bristol.
Jo, Bristol

Wonderful though it's been many people (especially young families) haven't been able to see the rest of the museum for a long time and the usual family events at the museum haven't happened - so it's time to return the museum to the people and especially the kids!
Pat, Bristol

Arrived to queue at 8am today [Monday, August 24]. The queue was already filling the side road and snaking along Queens Road. Decided not to stay. If only the city council would get their act together, it could be open for longer hours every day!
Penny, Bristol

Anything that celebrates Bristol and isn't 100 years old has got to be good for the city! The Banksy exhibition is drawing people to Bristol from all over the world and, at last, it is something Bristolians can be proud of that happened this century and wasn't done by a short bloke in a top hat.
Grant, Fishponds

Completely gutted. As I work full time my only chance to see the exhibition was this weekend... after queuing for two hours on Sunday we were told to wait no longer as the museum closed at 4.30pm and there was at least another 4/5 hour wait. From being a fan of his work from the very beginning I'm angry that the very people this exhibition was meant to be for are missing out. This is not on and very unfair, something needs to be done or exhibition extended.
Laura, Bristol

Yes, it would be good to see the exhibition remain here longer but I suppose that all depends on whether the exhibits have been promised/contracted to an exhibition elsewhere.
Steven, Bristol

Close it down and let's have the museum back. I made three attempts to go and was only successful once. It was great but if you really wanted to see it, you should have gone before the school holidays. Graffiti is illegal yes but Bristol is famous for it and it's boosting the economy of our great city from walking around Stokes Croft and Dame Emily park to visiting museums. Be proud of what you've got Bristol.
Steve, Cardiff and Bristol

We travelled up early this Saturday expecting to queue for about 3 hours. By the time we got there we were told the waiting time was already 5-6 hours, and rising, which meant we would we miss our train back to Surrey. There were lots of others in the same boat as us. Really disappointed as I have wanted to see this since he held the Pet Shop exhibition in New York. Unless they extend it and deal with the queues we'll miss it completely now. It cost £41 each to get there and ended up as a very expensive trip to wander round the Bristol shops!! I think they should charge a small entrance fee to pay for the security and extra staff needed to open 24 hours a day.
Heather, Surrey

Please extend the Banksy exhibition! It is the best exhibition I've seen in ages. More people should have a chance to experience this!!
Annie, Bath

This exhibition was really something, it's done a lot for the city. I've got friends from London and Manchester really wanting to see this but due to work they wont be able to. I think another month of this would be real gd.
Jamie, Bristol

Was turned away at 10am this morning [Tuesday] with my daughter who lives in Hertfordshire as the queue was five hours. This level of popularity speaks for itself and Bristol City Council should stage properly planned exhibitions with timed entrance slots and possibly an entrance fee going to a charity if they contractually cant charge for security etc. My daughter was even refused entry to the shop to buy a copy of the Banksy book as [they] thought she may try to run through to the exhibition.
Tom, Weston-super-Mare

Just a minor point but Banksy always gains permission from a building's owner before starting a piece. Thus his street work has never been never illegal.
Lenny, Bristol

Yes, please! If it was extended past the school holidays, us locals could go back later on and people travelling from out of Bristol could see the exhibition, and some of the other delights our lovely city has to offer. They can't do that if they spend their entire visit in the queue at the museum!
Loz, Bristol

I think Banksy should stay until the queues stop. I still haven't found time to visit and would really like to. Or maybe there should be another venue for the exhibition.
Nikki, Bath



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