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Banksy v Bristol Museum


Andrew Plant on the mystery donation

A Bristol charity shop is cashing in on the current Banksy hype thanks to a mystery donor.

The Oxfam shop on Queen's Road has been given a load of Banksy merchandise, including stickers and postcards.

The shop is across the road from the exhibition which is drawing huge crowds at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

The shop is bringing in about £3,000-a-week from the merchandise - almost doubling its usual intake at this quiet time of year.

The shop's staff weren't sure what to do with the first donation but when the highly secret exhibition opened, all became clear.

The £3,000 a week could:
Train 500 people in Bangladesh in disaster management so they can help their community cope with floods caused by climate change
Carry out a land survey for the construction of an irrigation system in Zimbabwe
Support five farming communities in Nepal to introduce drought resistant crops

The museum shop is selling books about Banksy and street art but no official merchandise, so Banksy fans have flocked to the Oxfam bookshop to buy souvenirs.

Rhiannon Blackman, deputy manager, said: "We've been getting many more customers in the bookshop because of the high numbers of visitors to see Banksy.

"But with the Banksy postcards and stickers, the exhibition is really helping Oxfam to raise money for its vital charity work."

"We're thrilled with this surprise donation and would like to thank our mystery donor for his generosity."

The exhibition, Banksy versus Bristol Museum, is open until the end of August.


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