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The Lunch Hour by Alan Summers

Alan Summers in the Oppo cafe
Alan is 'writer in residence' at the Oppo cafe in Bristol. Image: Paul Gillis

This summer, BBC Bristol is celebrating poetry and the people who write it.

We're asking you to vote in the BBC's quest to find the nation's favourite poem - and hearing from local people who like to write poetry.

by Alan Summers

Bristol becomes a sun-smashed corner of the world, translucent, holding her chin across blue skylines, as we enter lunch time, bump elbows.

Pavements become new colours, everyone stares their city straight in the eye and bites down on a sandwich.

It's just a quick summer, but we hold it with ten to two pursed lips.

Alan Summers, from Bishopston in Bristol, chose the hustle and bustle of the lunch hour for his poem.

He says he likes seeing the pavements "exploding with people" with no class or cultural divides - everyone just grabbing a sandwich in the sunshine.

He adds that he notices Bristolians wear brighter clothing in the summer, making a "smorgasbord of colour".

Can you pen a poem on the theme of summer? If so, we'd like to hear from you.

Email us up to 10 lines by 1 September 2009 - we'll be publishing a selection here and reading some out on the radio.


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