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Banksy v Bristol Museum

Jade Pearson standing in front a Banksy painting
Jade said she was now looking forward to work

Imagine you're out of work, so you apply for anything going. You go to job centres, send out your CV and scan newspapers. Sometimes a temporary job is all you need.

This is the situation Jade Pearson and Tom Scott found themselves in.

After applying for a job with the council's job centre, neither of them expected to be offered their dream gig - working for Banksy.

"About a week ago I applied for a job [and] they sent me back an email the same day saying 'thanks for applying to the museum' and I said 'ok no worries - I didn't - but that's ok'," said 24-year-old Tom.

Harry Potter

At that point he said he thought it would be boring "as you can only know so much about prehistoric legs and fossils from Keynsham" but now he's found out what the job involves, he is beside himself with excitement.

A local lad, he said he's been a fan of Banksy's for years. As has Jade.

She said: "I didn't know what I was applying for - I wasn't expecting it to be this [but] I 'm absolutely really happy as I just adore what he does. I love it."

Only three people from the museum knew what the three-month summer exhibition was really going to be. The secret was difficult for them to keep (particularly from their bosses), so many ruses were put in place.

Tom Scott looking at a Banksy
The exhibition lasts until the end of August

Jade said at the beginning of the week, everyone wondered what was happening as there were so many extra staff employed, but they assumed it was for the summer holidays.

Suspicions something big was happening arose after the museum was closed for "filming". Rumours started to spread like wild fire - Dr Who and Harry Potter were some of the films mentioned.

It wasn't until Thursday that it was confirmed to be a Banksy show.

"We thought if it was going to be Banksy, then it was just going to be one room; we didn't realise it was going to be so huge."

Banksy and his team were installing the show around them - but that does not mean that the staff now know who he is.

"Obviously with it being Banksy everyone was like 'I wonder if that's him' but I doubt it very much. If he does come in, I reckon it will be with the general public," said Jade.

So what are their highlights of the exhibition?

Jade loves the Home Sweet Home painting as it's situated in the perfect location - the Bristol School of Art room, and if your tour guide happens to be Tom, then he's likely to point out the baby CCTV being fed by the mother CCTV.

"Now I'm excited to go work - I've never felt like this," said Jade. "Monday is now fun."

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