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In pictures: the Norland Nannies

Norland Nannies

A choir of singing Bath nannies have put on their debut performance at the Millennium Centre in Wales.

Norland students in Wales

Local conductor Grenville Jones lead around 20 Norland students, aged 18 to 20, in a performance on Wednesday March 11 2009.

The nannies singing before 'Mary Poppins'

The Norland Nannies performed a medley of songs at the opening night of the show that inspired them: 'Mary Poppins'.

Norland Nannies from above

Principal of Norland College, Thirza Ashelford said: "It was an absolutely magical evening."

Norland Nannies performing

Thirza Ashelford added: "The Millennium Centre is such an inspiring setting and the girls sang beautifully."

Norland Nanny close-up

"They put everything into it this project and we very much hope that they will continue as a choir in some capacity" said Thirza Ashelford.

Norland Nannies at the fair

A Wales Millennium Centre spokeswoman said: "We were thrilled. The icing on the cake was hearing them make announcements in Welsh."

Bath nannies become singing stars
10 Mar 09 |  Arts & Culture


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