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Colston Hall: New foyer unveiled
The new Colston Hall foyer
Is the building as iconic as the Colston Hall director believes?

The scaffolding has come down on the new Colston Hall foyer revealing a shiny extension beneath.

But what do you think of the "iconic" makeover for the city's music and entertainment venue?

The redevelopment has retained the Victorian listed building while creating a new foyer.

Graham Howell, Colston Hall director, said: "A building like this is meant to be iconic... and iconic buildings will always get people talking."

"I think everyone is pleased that Bristol is stepping up to the plate in developing a concert facility for this new century.

"Bristol needs these facilities to come on stream so I think in general everyone's just pleased they money is going where it should be going and the development is happening."

Bristol City Councillor Rosalie Walker said she was a fan of the improvements.

"I really do think it is money well spent. You can see today the sun glinting on the copper and I think it will be very attractive thing to the people of Bristol."

It's great. If you look up walking around Bristol you notice gold on top of all the important ones. This new part of the Colston Hall trumps the lot.
Simon, Bristol

What a silly building.
Theresa Green, Bristol

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder obviously as I think it is a truly lovely building and looks contemporary and elegant. I love the warmth of the burnished copper. If buildings never moved forward we would all still be living in daub and wattle.
Felicity, Bristol

Ugly and pointless. A beautiful Art Deco building was pulled down so that we could have this awful effort.
Graham, BS3

It is wonderful, so much better to have a building work stand on its own artistic merits then be the dreadful faux Victorian/Georgian usually imposed by the planners. After the ticky tackyness of Cabot Circus, it is nice to have some new architecture that Bristol can be proud of.
Sue, Bristol

I think the building is ok, although I agree that it would of been much better if copper had been used which would have aged down. As far as I can see the majority of the building will be used for 4 new bar units. One thing Bristol definitely does not need at this present time!
Ben, Bristol

Iconic? More like "Bristol Bling"
Chris, Bristol

OK, that's an eyesore. Like the modern shape, hate the colour. Just what were the designers thinking?
Stephen, Bristol

Ugly and pointless.
Dave, Bristol

It's really horribly gold and glows in the sunlight so you cant miss it. Its totally stolen all attention from the listed beauty of the Colston Hall.
Rose, Bristol

Iconic it is not, useful to Bristol and its issues no, all that glistens is not really gold. The public millions spent on this have not improved performance arts facilities for visitors, artists and companies which is what is needed.
Rosy, Bristol

I think the building itself is fantastic but to slap it on the side of a nice listed building like the foyer is ridiculous and make it look completely out of place. I say change the planners!!!
Alan, Bristol

It's not copper! It's a copper-zinc alloy that was chosen INSTEAD of copper, because copper became expensive - the plan was to use recycled copper which would oxidise over time. Sadly this alloy will never oxidise, never dirty, and will always shine out like a big, gold block on the horizon.
Max, Bristol

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