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Bradford minister starts skateboarding church for teens
skateboarding vicar does a jump
The 'Sorted' project reaches teenagers on skate parks in Bradford

A keen skateboarding minister has merged his pastime with his work to launch a new church for teenagers in Bradford.

Andy Milne felt the call to help young people at the skate park where he had spent time as a teenager.

From these humble beginnings grew "Sorted", a new church run by young people in Eccleshill.

Andy said: "Skateboarding is fun, fast, free-flowing. It is a great way of getting to know people.

"We got to know a couple of young people who were into skateboarding and we talked about life issues, and things just took off from there."

The project is part of the Fresh Expressions initiative being run around the country by groups of churches.

The aim is to look at new ways of bringing church out of its traditional setting and to where people congregate naturally.

It tries to connect with the 'non-churched' as opposed to attracting Christians bored with traditional church.

Off the streets

A teenage member of Sorted said "It gets us off the streets, from doing drugs."

Andy Milne, a youth worker with the Church Army, said: "We started to build up relationships, getting to know young people.

"We then formed small groups which would meet to have fun, talk about faith and build friendships."

The project has attracted national attention.

George Lings of the Church Army's research unit, The Sheffield Centre, believed the Sorted project showed the way forward.

He said: "What can a church run with non-churched teenagers teach the rest of us involved in fresh expressions of church?

"I had to go, and it was well worth seeing these dynamics at work."

Another member of Sorted spoke of the impact the project was making.

He said: "It offers different ways of living and shows that God is better than drugs."


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