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Page last updated at 15:44 GMT, Monday, 31 January 2011
Building project remembers Manningham street preacher
picture of Smith Wigglesworth
The Christian ministry of Smith Wigglesworth remembered in Bradford

The site of alleged supernatural happenings in Manningham in the 19th century is to be restored as a 'centre of healing' and a museum.

Bowland Street Mission is where the extraordinary "people's preacher" Smith Wigglesworth had his base.

Brian Holland is a founding member of the Smith Wigglesworth Foundation, which has agreed the site's lease.

He said: "While only a select number of Bradfordians know about this guy, he is big news around the world."

The building will be dedicated to the 19th century preacher Smith Wigglesworth, from Menston, who was the trigger for all these unusual happenings in Bradford.

Brian Holland, together with his wife Kathryn and international preacher and broadcaster Terry Quinn, are founding members of the Smith Wigglesworth Foundation which is planning the building project.

Charismatic revival

Brian said: "Wigglesworth was a catalyst for the charismatic revival of the church and one of the fathers of the Pentecostal church.

"So, we have had inquiries from everywhere wondering if the rumours are true and wanting to know when they can come."

The plan is to restore the building in Bowland Street back to its original Victorian design, the heyday of Smith and his wife Polly's ministry in Bradford.

Terry Quinn said the preacher's fame was worldwide: "People in Yorkshire don't realise how world famous Smith Wigglesworth was. This man touched five continents.

"People used to come in their thousands to this building and hear him preaching and see the miracles. People were healed from cancer and blindness. The lame walked again - amazing miracles.

"We hope and pray for the very same miracles performed under this man's ministry will happen in this building."

There at least 14 documented occurrences of people being raised from the dead
John Edwards, director Smith Wigglesworth Foundation

John Edwards, director of the Smith Wigglesworth Foundation, said he found it incredible that the preacher had been forgotten when such miracles had been attributed to his ministry.

He said: "Over time he's gone out of people's memory - but there are at least 14 documented occurrences of people being raised from the dead."

Public donations

All the building work will be funded by public donations from around the world - especially the USA where Wigglesworth's fiery meetings are the stuff of legend.

The group plans to open the building at the end of April 2011 with the mission's original purposes, which were to show God knows and loves people through healing, alongside preaching from the Bible.

They will hold ministry weekends, conduct heritage tours and hold one-day lectures.

Terry said: "We aim to hold Saturday night meetings enabling people to attend their own churches as well as visit the mission.

"We are not a church and don't intend to become one.

"He really was a straight-talking lad, very much one of the people and, like him, we will welcome everyone in who wants to see what goes on.

"We are preparing to see visitors from across the globe."



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