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Corrie's Helen makes a difference
Helen Worth
The Coronation Street actress is lending her support to the charity

Ossett-born Coronation Street actress Helen Worth has been doing her bit for charity.

She is currently promoting her new role as an ambassador for ActionAid.

The charity develops projects to help children and families living in poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

With West Yorkshire being named as the most generous region for the charity, Helen's been telling us more about her recent visit to Sierre Leone.

Helen, who has played the character of Gail Porter for over 30 years, has now turned her attentions to helping those less fortunate in the Third World.

She has been supporting ActionAid for the last ten years and says that when the opportunity arose to see how the money was being spent, she couldn't refuse.


Helen says: "It was the most heart-wrenching and the most exhilarating experience of my life.

"Heart-warming because of the welcome we were given everywhere and heart-wrenching to see people living in conditions, no human-being should live in.

"We were greeted in every village with dancing and gifts. People were giving everything when they had nothing.

"The generosity and humanity these people have, and it's because of that we should help them help themselves."

She explains the importance of the sponsoring a child scheme, saying it can make the biggest difference to people's lives, living in poverty.

She says: "The most important thing the child sponsorship scheme does is it gives health-care and water, even more important than that is education, and it provides schools for children."

Money well spent

Helen says: "I've been there and seen it. I've seen the difference between the villages that aren't helped and don't have aid yet."

Around 90 per cent of people there live in poverty
Helen Worth, actress

She says she had to explain what she did for a living, adding that nobody knew she was an actress and was mistaken for a dancer. But she said she was fine with that definition.

She adds: "Around 90 per cent of people there live in poverty. We drove around the capital to see if we could find a better area, we never did.

"But I have to say wherever we went the people were extraordinary and friendly and just wanted shake our hand. They weren't complaining but with a little help they can do a lot more.

Helping people in debt
28 Sep 09 |  Religion & Ethics


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