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13:50 GMT, Thursday, 18 February 2010

Artists needed for comic script

Concept art for The Rat King

A Halesowen man is appealing for artists to help illustrate his new comic strip.

PigeonMaster follows the adventures of a college boy with special powers who battles crime in the West Midlands.

Philip Tibbetts, along with friends James Woodward and Andrew Blair, has been working on the scripts for more than six months.

Their stories have attracted the attention of Bostin Heroes, the online web-comic dedicated to local talent.

Artists required

Philip and his team need illustrators to help bring their stories to life before they can be published.

"This thing has been evolving for a long time," says Philip.

"James and myself started working on it in June or July last year. Then we asked Andrew who's an old uni' mate of mine to edit it. We nicknamed a friend of mine the pigeon master so that's where the name comes from."

In the eight-part story, Tom Tromans is the PigeonMaster, a final year college student who leads a double life as a crime fighter. He battles the forces of evil, such as the villainous Rat King, in various West Midlands locations.

"So much of our inspiration came locally," says Philip.

"We really wanted to put the West Midlands in a comic. There are hints of Birmingham and Black Country dialogue too. It's about friendship, love and fantasy."

Bostin story

PigeonMaster has attracted the attention of than man behind Bostin Heroes - the online 'web-comic' that showcases West Midlands artistic talent.

Donato Esposito, of Bostin Heroes, says: "When I was initially contacted by Philip I was intrigued to find out more about his idea.

"What I like about PigeonMaster is that the story lines are quite unique and that the characters have been researched very well, mixed in with some good local humour. We will be planning to publish the Pigeon Master comic."

Contact Philip

Before PigeonMaster can be published it must be illustrated.

"We really need artists to get involved," says Philip.

"They don't have to be local. Some of the illustrators from Bostin Comics have gone on to bigger and better things. We have high hopes for this. It would be great if it would eventually lead to television or movies."

If you're interested in illustrating PigeonMaster, e-mail:

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