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Jeremy Kyle "amazed" by unemployed Sandwell youngsters
Jeremy Kyle
The Jeremy Kyle Show has been on screen for more than five years

Talk-show host Jeremy Kyle has told BBC WM that he was "amazed" by the attitudes of unemployed youngsters in Sandwell.

He met 14 jobseekers during a recent visit - and found them to be highly motivated despite the current job climate.

One in three people aged 18 - 24 in the West Midlands are out of work.

Kyle visited Sandwell to find out more about a Prince's Trust scheme, set up to help some of the area's unemployed.

"I fully expected the stereotypical view," he told BBC WM.

"The younger generation - doing nothing, sitting around all day playing Playstation, no motivation.

"What I found was they were really motivated. They really knew what they wanted to do".

One in three jobless

The West Midlands has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country, with 55,000 people aged 16 - 25 out of work.

"I met 14 kids all of whom were inspiring," he said.

"What I hate is this apathetic attitude that prevails among the young generation. 'Oh there's no hope so we'll just sit on our backsides all day and cause trouble'.

"I didn't find that. I was amazed."

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