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R&B star Beverley Knight defends Wolverhampton
Beverley Knight
Beverley Knight: "Wolverhampton's got some pleasant and gorgeous people"

Soul-singer Beverley Knight says that the new Lonely Planet guide proclaiming Wolverhampton the fifth worst city on earth should "end up in the bin".

The MOBO award-winning star, who's from Wolverhampton, told BBC WM's Phil Upton @ Breakfast that she was "not happy" with the travel publication.

Its poll places Wolverhampton ahead of slums in Mexico, India and Tanzania on a top-ten worst cities list.

"It really miffed me when I heard about it," said Knight.

"How many of the people who put together the Lonely Planet guide have any clue of where Wolverhampton is, never mind if they've visited?

"I would very much doubt that folk from all over the world who collate this list have even been.

"And if they had been they'd tell you that Wolverhampton's got some of the warmest and most pleasant and most gorgeous people, as well as having a great heritage of folk who've gone on to achieve things."

Millennium City

The Lonely Planet guide was published ten years after Wolverhampton was named a Millennium City.

Whilst strongly disagreeing with its poll, Knight does believe that the city is in a state of development limbo.

"I think if I'm truly honest at the moment [Wolverhampton] seems to be hovering in the same area that it has been [for ten years]. It needs to be regenerated in much the way that Birmingham was regenerated.

"When I saw the whole Bullring area, which was absolutely horrible. When I went back and saw what had been done and the canal bit on Broad Street and how that had all been redeveloped, I thought: 'You know what? Wolverhampton could do the same thing!' There's so much potential (in Wolverhampton) to inject some life into the place.

"I think Wolverhampton the city needs to come up to the standard of Wolverhampton the people."

Millennium city - 10 years on
18 Jan 10 |  People & Places




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