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A History of the World in the Black Country
A History of the World
John Ashley Kilvert's sword used in the Charge of the Light Brigade

BBC WM and various local museums have revealed a list of ten objects that tell a history of the Black Country.

They include a sword owned by the Mayor of Wednesbury John Ashley Kilvert and an anchor pattern from Netherton.

Each object has a special connection to the area and tells a story about the Black Country.

The list is part of the wider A History of the World project, a partnership between the BBC, The British Museum and 350 other museums.

Ten objects telling a history of the Black Country
The Sale of the Old Dobbin by John Robertson Red
The Sale of Old Dobbin painting - Dudley Museum Service
Glass Goblets - Dudley Museum Service
Ruskin Pottery Vase - Sandwell Museum Service
Victorian sword - Sandwell Museum Service
Rabbit Trap - Wolverhampton Arts and Museums Service
Moorish Japanned Cabinet - Wolverhampton Arts and Museums Service
Prince Rupert's Bridle Bit - Walsall Leather Museum
Sister Dora's Cross - Walsall Museum
Cast Iron Door Knocker - Black Country Living Museum
Anchor Pattern - Black Country Living Museum

The nationwide scheme aims to create an online digital database of local and global history.

Site users are being encouraged to upload photos and details of their own antiques and valuables to the A History of the World website .

A history of the Black Country

Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and the Wolverhampton Museum Services, along with the Black Country Living Museum, have each submitted historic artefacts that have a special connection to their respective boroughs.

David Eveleigh, curator of BCLM, put forward a cast iron door knocker, manufactured by the Kenricks family in West Bromwich.

"The Kenricks and other iron founders established the Black Country as the foremost centre for the production of cast iron domestic goods in the country," he says.

"At the time, it was the only way that fine, good quality art could be mass-produced and the door knocker really reflects mid-Victorian design."

Local connection

The Sandwell Museum Service selected a sword owned by Mr John Ashley Kilvert that was used by him during the Crimean War.

His regiment, the 11th Hussars, was part of the famed 600 who took part in the Charge of the Light Brigade on October 25th 1854 at Balaclava.

"(The sword's) got the local connection," says David Waring, Collections Officer for Sandwell Museum Service.

"It's the history of the Victorian era, of battles we were in; it's got everything. (Kilvert) settled in Wednesbury, he became the Mayor of Wednesbury. It's got all the local connections you could ever wish to tick boxes with."

Other objects include a Ruskin pottery vase from Smethwick, also chosen by Sandwell Museum Service.

"We are the world's biggest public collection (of Ruskin)," says David.

Carl Chinn talks to local author Chris Poole about the Charge of the Light Brigade

"Ruskin has a local connection again from Smethwick. The person who invented the glazes for Ruskin pottery took the secret with him to the grave and according to local stories nobody has ever been able to reproduce the glazes."

You can access detailed information on each of the ten objects by visiting the Black Country - A History of the World index .

BBC WM and the History of the World

BBC WM will also be telling the story of each of the 10 objects and featuring interviews with Black Country Museums and historians with Carl Chinn every Sunday from 1000 -1300 GMT on 95.6FM.

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