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Birmingham school in first Domesday workshop
Four Dwellings School Reporters
Four Dwellings School Reporters pose for a group shot

Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham have started the first of the city's Domesday workshops.

The school is working on a BBC School Report First Click project that looks into 25 years of history in a set area.

The school met with a group of pensioners to discuss topics found in Domesday data which was compiled in 1986.

School mentor Rachael Smith talks about the day and spoke to some of the pupils involved.

Prior to the workshop

School Report students
These students get to work planning questions they are going to ask

The pupils worked closely together before the workshop to discuss possible story ideas which gave them more of an idea of what to expect.

Pupils used their time looking through pieces of data that they had received from the BBC School Report team, this data was captured in 1986 and included three images and 20 pieces of text.

There was an interesting mix of topics covered that ranged from traffic issues on the M5 through to the mysterious 'Ghost of Quinton'.

Meeting with pensioners

School Reporters interviewing
School Reporters Iris, Louis and Rio record as they interview

In the workshop the pupils investigated possible story ideas by interviewing a local pensioner group, the Silverthreads.

During the interviews students discussed topics that were uncovered earlier that day and found out some interesting comparisons to what life was like 25 years ago.

Iris, Louis and Rio worked in a group interviewing pensioners about their thoughts on computers and the internet.

Iris said: "I thought it was very interesting to hear other people's views on the internet."

Louis added: "One lady thought the internet was dangerous and has never been on it. She said she would like to throw it out of the window."

Building stories and relationships

Student reporters taking notes
Student reporters take notes as they compare sport in their local area

The group will meet again for a second workshop to hopefully help develop these interesting stories using online sources with the help of BBC First Click.

Lead Teacher, Matthew Shenton said: "The project was a fantastic chance for Year 8 pupils from our school to meet members of the community that they would never ordinarily come into contact with.

"Pupils really enjoyed becoming reporters for the day, learning new skills and investigating how their local area had changed."

He added: "After reviewing their initial research they are keen to revisit the Silverthreads group to find out more and strengthen the relationships they have formed.

"It was enthralling to watch the two groups interact during the workshop and everyone left feeling that it had been a very positive experience."

You can see the school's journey as they work on the BBC School Report First Click and Domesday Project via the school website.

The BBC School Report First Click and Domesday project is being piloted in Birmingham until the end of the year, to find out how you can get your school involved please visit the BBC School Report Domesday page .


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