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Pope's visit to Birmingham: How the day unfolded
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI is in Birmingham on the last day of his four day visit

Pope Benedict XVI spent the fourth and final day of his state visit in Birmingham.

The Pope was in the city on Sunday, 19 September 2010 for the Beatification Mass of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Thousands of Pilgrims gathered in Cofton Park in the early hours of Sunday morning for the Mass.

He then visited Birmingham Oratory and Oscott College in Sutton Coldfield before heading back to Rome.


Pilgrims arrive in Cofton Park
Pilgirms arriving at Cofton Park

0520: BBC WM presenter Andrew Peach in Cofton Park says: "In the last half hour suddenly we've got thousands of pilgrims, they're off the coaches, they're descending the hill down into Cofton Park."

0522: Tweet from Birmingham Catholic Youth Service: 'Procured some umbrellas thanks to helpful worshippers, formed a den from rain.'

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0605: Get the latest travel updates on BBC WM Twitter.

Cofton park
Final preparations at Cofton park in the early hours on Sunday morning

0610: BBC WM mid-morning presenter Joanne Malin tweets: 'Wet cold & dark but thousands of pilgrims r waiting for the pope at 6.10am'

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0641: Joanne Malin: "It's finally getting light over Cofton Park".

0659: Get the latest on road closures.

0706 Keith Ainsworth, member of the music organising team tells Sior Coleman that choir rehearsals started at the end of May.

0716 BBC WM's Richie Anderson outside the park, looking down the Bristol Road says: "Wow, the sheer mass of people heading over the Longbridge Island, it looks amazing."

0750: Andrew Peach describes the "joy in the crowd and people excited to be here" despite the rain.

0759: Get the latest on road closures.

Pope Benedict XVI in Cofton Park
Fr Richard gave a brief summary of Cardinal Newman at the open air mass

0805: Andrew Peach show live from Cofton park begins on 95.6FM BBC WM.

0807: Father Richard Duffield, Provost of the Oratory explains that from the alter the Pope will see "the green wooded hills of the Lickey Hills where Cardinal Newman used to take his walks...so this is a really significant place for John Henry Newman."

0812: BBC reporter Chris Blakemore describes how he has spent the night talking to pilgrims including a couple who got married last week and this was part of their honeymoon. He also spoke to the Newman Society from Germany who were "so incredibly excited."

0855: Take a listen to pilgrims who arrived overnight talking to BBC WM

0905: BBC WM's Joanne Malin chats to visitors from Chicago in Cofton Park.

0920: Watch TV coverage of Pope's visit.

0931: Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Cofton Park.

0936: Andrew Peach announces he can see the Pope on the Big Screen in Cofton Park.

Pope in Birmingham
The Pope made his way through the crowds in his Popemobile

0940: A rainbow is seen as the Pope arrived.

0946: Pope gets out of the car and meets dignitaries including Lord Mayor of Birmingham and Cllr Len Gregory.

0949: Bishop Joe Aldred tweets:"Sun peeping through. Drizzling still. Cold. But great atmosphere."

0950: Pope gets into Popemobile

0953: Popemobile drives through crowds in Cofton Park.

Archbishop Bernard Longley and Pope Benedict XVI
Archbishop Bernard Longley welcomes the Pope.

0955: Pope kisses babies in crowd.

1015: Crowds and choirs singing.

1020: Pope Benedict XVI walks to altar.

1025: Archbishop of Birmingham Bernard Longley welcomes Pope Benedict XVI to the West Midlands.

1031: Father Richard Duffield talks about Cardinal John Henry Newman.

1035: Cardinal John Henry Newman declared "Blessed".

Listen: BBC WM round-up the arrival of the Pope and the Beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Live link: Follow the Beatification Mass

1105: Pope Benedict XVI speaks to the people.

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI speaks to the people

1110: In his homily, the German-born Pope refers to the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, also being marked today. "This particular Sunday also marks a significant moment in the life of the British nation... For me as one who lived and suffered through the dark days of the Nazi regime in Germany, it is deeply moving to be here with you on this occasion, and to recall how many of your fellow citizens sacrificed their lives, courageously resisting the forces of that evil ideology."

1209: Cofton Park pauses for reflection.

1220: Pope Benedict leaves the altar.

1223: Crowds wave flags and cheer as the Pope leaves Cofton Park.

1230: BBC News report on Cofton Park.

1240: BBC WM presenter Joanne Malin says: "It's been an amazing morning..the moment and the atmosphere has been unbelievable."

1241: Audio: Joanne Malin talks to the family of a baby who was kissed by the Pope.

1246: The Pope is on his way to the Birmingham Oratory which was founded by Cardinal Newman.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition to celebrate the Beatification of The Blessed John Henry Newman.

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI visits the Birmingham Oratory

1305: Carl Chinn begins his show on BBC WM.

1322: Listen: Popemobile makes its way down the Hagley Road and arrives at Birmingham Oratory.

Father Richard Duffield takes us on a tour of The Oratory.

1325: Audio: People in the crowd give their reaction at the Oratory.

1352: Pope leaves the Oratory where he had prayed at the Shrine of The Blessed John Henry Newman. BBC WM reporter Michelle Dawes says: "You can see the yellow of flags waving down the Hagley Road."

1410: Pope Benedict XVI arrives at Oscott College.

1415: Cllr Alan Rudge from Birmingham City Council tells Carl Chinn: "It's been a huge success and a very moving, spiritual occasion."

1445: Images from Cofton Park.

1450: Bishop Joe Aldred describes it as a "great occasion" on Twitter.

1541: GigaPan images - Zoom in on our gigapixel image to see the Pope and the crowds in amazing detail!

Pope Benedict at Oscott College
Pope Benedict at Oscott College

1555: Speaking at Oscott College the Archbishop of Birmingham Bernard Longley tells BBC WM: "I was excited this morning, I'm exhilarated now. The visit to Birmingham has been remarkable."

Audio: The Archbishop of Birmingham

1655: Pope still meeting Bishops of England, Scotland and Wales.

1703: BBC WM's Phil Upton picks up with evening coverage on 95.6FM.

1719: See pictures from the Birmingham Oratory.

1727: Pope meets trainee priests before leaving Oscott College.

1800: More images of pilgrims in Cofton Park .

1816: Tweet from Birmingham Catholic Youth Service: "Would like to thank everyone who has organised this wonderful experience."

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI waves from 'plane steps

1818: Phil Upton from BBC WM describes how the Pope has arrived at Birmingham International Airport.

Prime Minister David Cameron is there.

1821: David Cameron makes speech before bidding farewell to Pope Benedict XVI.

1830: Pope Benedict XVI makes final the speech of his four day visit to the UK.

1840: Pope Benedict XVI waves from the top of the plane's steps as he prepares to leave.

1848: One more wave from the plane and Pope Benedict leaves Birmingham at the end of his four day state visit.

In Birmingham he celebrated the beatification Mass for John Henry Newman in front of thousands of pilgrims in Cofton Park, visited the Birmingham Oratory and Oscott College.


Listen back at the Pope's historic trip to Birmingham with BBC WM's highlights of Pope Benedict XVI's visit.


Nick Owen presents a special programme looking back at the Pope's visit to the West Midlands. Watch the programme on BBC iplayer: "The Pope's Visit 2010: A Midlands Today Special"


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