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Young Catholics share Pope visit on twitter
We'll be following Ben, John, Kerri, Hannah, Timothy, James, Jay via Twitter during the Pope visit weekend

Young Catholics from Birmingham will be involved in a weekend of activities to celebrate the Pope's 2010 UK visit.

The Birmingham Catholic Youth Service (BCYS) have arranged for young people to attend events in London and Birmingham during the Papal tour.

For many of the young Catholics this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Pope.

The BBC Birmingham website will be following the young people from BCYS throughout the weekend via twitter.

Seeing His Holiness

Pope visit 2010
Pope visit 2010

BCYS is arranging for over 200 young people from across the city to travel to London and attend various Papal events including the open-air vigil in Hyde Park. They'll also be joining 2,500 other young Catholics for a special meeting with the Pope.

The group will return overnight to Birmingham and will then attend the Beatification Mass of Cardinal John Henry Newman in Cofton Park.

Follow BCYS on twitter

The BBC Birmingham website will be following Ben, John, Kerri, Hannah, Timothy, James, Jay from BCYS on a dedicated twitter page , where they will share their stories, personal reflections and experiences throughout their special weekend.

Follow them on twitter here



Leave Birmingham and travel to London

10.00pm: Arrive at St Joseph's Pastoral Centre, Hendon, North London

Preparation for the next day

Pope visit 2010
Pope visit 2010


10.00am: The Pope will celebrate Mass in Westminster Cathedral, and will also, from there, greet the people of Wales.

12.00pm: Afterwards Pope Benedict will greet and bless an invited crowd of 2,500 young people in the Cathedral Piazza outside. They will include a representative from every parish in England and Wales, a contingent from Scotland, and a number of volunteers from Catholic youth organisations.

12.45pm: Move from Cathedral to Hyde Park for public Mass. Lunch in Hyde Park and participate in vigil activities in and around Hyde Park

18.15pm: Open-air vigil in Hyde Park with Pope Benedict, approx 80,000 people are expected to attend.


1.00am: BCYS arrive back in Birmingham

2.00am: BCYS arrive at Cofton Park ready for the public mass

10.00am: Beatification Mass

1.00pm: BCYS leave Cofton Park

Follow the experiences of young people from BCYS during their special Pope visit weekend on twitter.

Also: visit the BCYS website


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