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Reaction from experts on the proposed sale of Cadbury
The Bournville Cadbury factory
The Bournville Cadbury factory opened in 1879

The proposed takeover of Cadbury by US food company Kraft has been received with anger and dismay by experts in the region.

MP Lynne Jones says she was "shocked" that the Cadbury board has accepted the offer price as she believes the company is worth more.

Felicity Loudon, the great granddaughter of company founder George Cadbury, called the move a "tragedy".

Shares expert David Buik says it's an "excellent business deal" for Cadbury.

MP Lynne Jones

"If you like, the centre of gravity of Cadbury might go, or will go, out of the UK if this is accepted but I don't think there's any need for us to panic.

"I'm very disappointed that it may not remain an independent company, but I don't think there are any immediate impacts for the Bournville factory.

"I've always said that I think the Cadbury operation in Bournville is very well organised; it's a lean mean machine and I can't see that there's any intention on Kraft to actually interfere with that operation and that's certainly what they've told me when I've had discussions with them."


Felicity Louden

"It's a tragedy; why does anybody believe what Kraft has promised?

"Cadbury board have capitulated below the £8.50 they said and were trumpeting £10 a share at the weekend sop what's happened now?

"What about the stakeholders, what about the workers, what about the factories and what abut the quality of the chocolate?

"My great grandfather would be rattling in his grave.

"The short-term shareholders are just in it for the money and they don't care what happens to Cadbury."


Lord Digby Jones

"I am very sad because Kraft isn't as successful as Cadbury.

"Cadbury is a world-class manufacturer and pressure has now got to come to ensure that Kraft will never ever leave Bournville.

"For that you need a good quality workforce, good quality transport and a tax regime that works.

"Cadbury stands for more than making money - it also stands for reaching out to the community and looking after the people and being a good quality business."


Dr Carl Chinn

"Yes heritage is vital and Cadbury's a pioneering company but it's not only about the heritage, it's about the future.

"What are we going to have left for our grandchildren?

"I am disappointed - what's good value for the shareholders will not be good value for the communities and for the workers nor for the wider significance of our manufacturing base.

"LDV's gone and Cadbury is now going to be sold - let's hope that Kraft invest here but when is the time going to come when British politicians will stand up like the French do and back British jobs for British workers?"


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

"We are determined that the levels of investment that take place in Cadbury in the UK are maintained.

"We are determined, of course, that at a time where people are worried about their jobs that jobs in Cadbury can be secure.

"Problems of unemployment are still problems in every country in the world, particularly as there are 23 million people unemployed in Europe.

"We will do everything that we can to ensure that jobs are available in this country."


Jenny Formby

"We're extremely disappointed.

"As you'll know Unite has been campaigning for Cadbury to remain independent since we first heard there were going to be any bids by Kraft, or by anyone else.

"There are other stakeholders in the company, apart from shareholders, and there are many hundreds of individual shareholders who are bitterly against the sale.

"Also, what about the workforce? They have no say whatsoever in what happens to them and they're very important stakeholders."


David Buik

"It's come a little bit more quickly than I thought it would but I had fears that this would probably be the end result.

"Will Hershey come in at the last minute? I doubt it. Hershey are half the size of Cadbury and that would mean them going to the bank for a gargantuan sum of money, which would spoil their credit rating.

"And in terms of size of company, Kraft is enormous compared to Hershey.

"Kraft has got the clout but probably knows as much about chocolate as I know about non-ferrous welding.

"Kraft needs Cadbury more than Cadbury needs Kraft but they should work well together."


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