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Paul Murphy tells BBC WM he lived with Motorhead Lemmy
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy - fronts 15 piece Birmingham folk band The Destroyers

Musician Paul Murphy has told BBC WM that he once lived on a farm with Lemmy from famed rock band Motorhead.

The songwriter, who currently fronts Birmingham folk group The Destroyers, said he was a 16-year-old runaway from Ireland at the time.

Paul said he was invited to stay on a farm in Blackpool where three other bands were living.

Several of the musicians there went on to achieve great success, most notably Ian Fraser Kilmister as bassist Lemmy.

"I arrived in England in 1966," said Paul, live on BBC WM Introducing. "I was 16, I was a kind of runaway from institutions like school.

"On New Year's Eve 1965 I was playing in this place in Belfast called Sammy Houston's jazz club. I'd started writing songs and I played a little acoustic guitar and sang.

"These people from a band called The Wheels, a Belfast band who were back for Christmas, saw me and said: 'Murph, why don't you come to Blackpool and be our folksinger? We live on a farm'. Two weeks later I got the steamer out of Blackpool."

"Clearly a talent"

Murphy shared the property with three bands one of whom was a group called The Reverend Harry and The Rockin' Vicars.

Their guitarist went on to find international fame as Lemmy from Motorhead.

"He was clearly a talent," said Paul. "The whole industry was a much simpler thing in those days though."

"There is much more structural support now though for new music. Even ten or 15 years ago you wouldn't have had a show (like BBC WM Introducing) that was dedicated to highlighting the indiginous music of the region."

Paul Murphy will return to BBC WM Introducing on 22 April when The Destroyers perform live in session.

For more information, visit the Paul Murphy website .

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