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Children write to Gordon Brown about Cadbury takeover
Phil Upton with children from Bournville Junior School
Phil Upton with children from Bournville Junior School

Children from a school in the heart of Bournville village have written letters to the Prime Minister about the takeover of Cadbury.

The youngsters from Bournville Junior School say they are worried about jobs and the history of the area.

Their school was founded in 1906 as a personal gift of George Cadbury.

American company Kraft has had its takeover bid for Cadbury accepted, ending 186 years of independence for the chocolate maker.

Bournville Junior

A group of children from the school got in touch with BBC WM's Phil Upton to voice their concerns about a possible takeover.

They had written a song, started a petition and formed a 'Cadbury cabinet'.

Phil visited the school on 3 February 2010, the morning after the takeover was approved, to meet some of the children.

They told him about the letters they had written to Gordon Brown.

Letters to Gordon

"We've grown up knowing the history of Cadburys," reads one of the letters.

"The deal should be that Kraft don't change the packaging, Cadbury's name, Cadbury World, the types of chocolate."

Another asks: "What assurances can you give that workers jobs will be secure?"

Meanwhile, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has met with Kraft Chairman and CEO, Irene Rosenfeld.

Speaking after the meeting Ms Rosenfeld said: "Our interest is in growing Cadbury and investing in its great brands and people, that will be good for the company, good for the UK and good for British manufacturing jobs."

Bournville resident, Ivor Goran, also spoke on Phil Upton @ Breakfast and read out a poem he composed Goodbye to Cadbury.


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