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Terry's factory workers reminisce
Charlotte Harriman
BBC WM reporter

Terry's chocolate factory clock
Kraft took over the Terry's Chocolate factory in 1994

The Terry's chocolate factory building stands as a harsh reminder to those involved in the current Cadbury takeover.

The York chocolate maker was bought by Kraft in 1993.

Twelve years later the American food giant decided to close the factory with production being moved overseas.

The 27-acre plant still stands empty to this day.

Similar chocolate companies

In its prime the factory had a workforce of 2,500. By the time it finally closed that had shrunk to just 316 workers.

It's easy to see the similarities between Cadbury and Terry's. Both began as traditional family firms in the 1800s and both put their workforce first.

Like Bournville, the Terry's site has spacious gardens and parks, all with the welfare of the workers in mind.

Keep Cadbury's open

Terry's choclate factory workers
Terry's chocolate factory workers in York share their memories

When the closure of Terry's was announced in 2004 a 4,700-name petition was signed in a bid to keep it open.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and from then on production was slowly phased out.

In Birmingham, the Unite Union have set up their own campaign to keep Cadbury independent. Local MP's Lynne Jones and Steve McCabe have both pledged their support.

In in the UK and Ireland 5,700 people work for Cadbury. Kraft says if their takeover bid is successful they won't move production overseas.

The American company also says it's unfair to make a comparison between the two chocolate companies.

Cadbury's protest
Workers are campaigning to keep Cadbury independent

Kraft bid

A decision on the £10bn bid by Kraft is expected to be made by shareholders on 2 February 2010.

So far, Cadbury have rejected any previous bids saying they undervalue the company.

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