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Page last updated at 10:54 GMT, Friday, 13 August 2010 11:54 UK
It is harvest time in the garden
By Colin Evans
BBC Berkshire Reporter

Colin's pears are doing well in the garden

If you have been following the progress of my Conference pear tree then you will be as delighted as all is well.

The fruits are looking good this year and are not showing signs of the rot which has plagued them previously.

It goes to show that perseverance is the way forward as each year I have pruned harder and the hardest pruning last winter seems to have worked.

I am harvesting great saucepans full of potatoes and the cherry tomatoes are ripening every day.

Soon there will be so many I will have to puree them down for storage and use during the winter months.

The Foxgloves have seeded already as a result of the hot weather and I have noticed thousands of new seedlings appearing even at this early stage.

Each week the grass gets a good mowing and every month I spot-treat the weeds in the lawn to keep so many of the invasive lawn weeds at bay.

I have just about tackled the creeping buttercup and the daisies which made up about half of the lawn this time last year.

There is no doubt that keeping the garden under control is a hard job but one that is so rewarding, especially when you see positive results from your hard labours.


FUCHSIA Autumnale has fabulous burgundy tinged foliage all summer with the added bonus of bright pink flowers from July through until the first frosts of winter.

This lovely fuchsia has a somewhat prostrate habit so is ideal for raised beds and hanging baskets.


Colin Evans
Hear Colin on BBC Radio Berkshire on Wednesdays and Sundays

Remove all lower leaves form outdoor tomato plants to allow light and air to get to the ripening fruit.

This also helps to push the valuable nutrient to developing fruits which will improve quality. Continue to feed and water each day and the plants should do well right up until the first frost.

Citrus trees should be fed this month with a specially formulated citrus feed available from garden centres or specialist nurseries.

If the plants are growing indoors and they are easy to move then place them outside for a few days and give the leaves a good blast with fresh water.

This will freshen up the plants and remove any unhealthy foliage, as well as knock off any little insect bugs which may have taken up residence.

Plant out late varieties of potatoes either in the open ground or in containers.

They should produce a good crop which you can harvest just as winter sets in. The best varieties as far as I am concerned are Pink Fur Apple, Arran Victory and Golden Wonder.

Happy Gardening

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